Music Therapy

Music is therapy for whatever ails you, and asthma is no exception. Listening to music and learning to play an instrument has been a rewarding and sanity-saving hobby for me. If you suffer from a chronic illness, you might want to consider a hobby for yourself. One that you enjoy and one that takes your mind off your health problems, at least temporarily.

Like many high school age wannabe rock stars of the 1960s, I fiddled around with the bass guitar for a couple years, but didn’t pick it up again or seriously learn to play it until 40 years later at the age of 57! Now, you couldnt pry the damn thing out of my hands. Currently I play at least 2 hours a day if Im not in the hospital or away from home. For the complete backstory on my musical aspirations, check out this post.

I love most types of music, but being bass oriented I tend to lean towards Jazz, Big band, various Latin styles, or just about anything with a melodic groove or walking bass line to it.
Below are some videos of me messing around on the bass playing tunes from the SmartMusic catalog, as well as covers from various artists and composers. Because I often dont feel very well when Im playing, and because the medications I take cause muscle cramping in my neck and fingers, as well as chronic fatigue and a host of other not so fun side effects, I’m allowed to screw up from time to time.

A special thank you to Rick Shaw, Gordon Goodwin, Kris Berg Victor Lopez, Paul Clark, Alan Baylock, Doug Beach, Alfred and Barnhouse publishing, and many many others for their musical talent and educational contributions to the jazz world.

Rick Shaw is the bassist for Johnny Mathis and Gordon Goodman’s Phat Band

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All that Jazz….


Pop and Jazz Vocal…


Christmas Holiday….