Music Therapy

Music is therapy, and one of the best kinds. Listening to music and learning to play an instrument is an enjoyable pastime for me and a huge stress reliever that helps take my mind off my health problems. I learned to read music and the play the trumpet quite well at an early age. During my High School years, I fiddled around with a bass guitar a little bit, but didn’t seriously learn to play it until just 5 years ago at the age of 57. Better late than never! For the backstory, check out this post.

I love most types of music, but being bass oriented I tend to lean towards Jazz, Big band, various Latin styles, or just about anything with a melodic groove or walking bass line. Below are some videos of me playing tunes from the SmartMusic catalog, as well as covers from various artists and composers. Because I often dont feel very well and because the medications I take causes muscle cramping in my neck and fingers, I’m allowed to screw up or act as geeky as I want when I play.

A special thank you to Rick Shaw, Kris Berg Alan Baylock and many many others for their musical talent and educational contributions to the jazz world.

Steve guitar 12-2014 006
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Rick Shaw is the bassist for Johnny Mathis and Gordon Goodwin‘s Big Phat Band.
Steve and Rick


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Give it one ( Maynard Ferguson Alan Baylock)

Take the A train ( Alan Blaylock version)

Take the A train ( Billy Strayhorn)

Boppin to P town ( Doug Stone)

I love you ( Cole Porter)

School of thought (Kris Berg)

Jitterbug Waltz ( Thomas Waller, arr Eric Richards)

Rio ( K.Jones)

Jazz Police( Gordon Goodwin)

Amazing Grace (arr Dave Rivello)

Blue Sesame ( arr Andrew Neu)

O Tannenbaum (Vince Guaraldi Trio)

Yo Tannenbaum (arr Gordon Goodwin)

Alianza (Erik Morales) Latin Swing

Niranja ( Victor Lopez)

Cold Duck Time ( Eddie Harris, arr Eric Moralez)

Is there life after Bee Bop? ( Jeff Jarvis) Bee Bop

Back in the Basement (Brett Zvacet) Swing

The Days of Wine and Roses ( Henry Mancini, Johnny Mercer, arr Dave Rivelo)

Jeannine (Duke Pearson)

Games (Kris Berg)

Bernie’s tune(Bernie Miller, arr Dave Wolpe) Swing

Don’t put it down ( Galt MacDermot)

Stars and Stripes(Wycliff Gordon, John Philip Souza)

I’m OK, We’re OK ( Kris Berg) Swing

Bill’s Thrills ( Lars Halle)

Go tell it on the Mountain ( arr Alan Baylock) Gospel,Jazz waltz

Nothing could be hotter than that Manhattan Transfer, Armstrong)Swing

Samba Cya ( Gordon Goodwin)

Garaje Gato ( Gordon Goodwin)

For once in my life (Stevie Wonder)

Still the one (Orleans)

El Macho Muchado(Gordon Goodwin, Rick Shaw ) Samba

Isle Verde ( Jeff Jarvis) Salsa

Yesterdays(Kris Berg Jazz)

Pecking Order ( Kris Berg)

Yo Sin Ti (Eros Ramozzotti)

Good Morning Starshine (Galt MacDermot; Gerome Ragni,James Rado )

Aint nothing like the real thing. Original backing track ( Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell, Bass line by James Jamerson/Bob Babbit)

Chirimbolo ( Victor Lopez)

Big Swing Face (William O Potts, arr Rich Sigler)

Aquarius (Galt MacDermot;Gerome Ragni; James Rado)

Johnny come lately(Billy Strayhorn, arr Eric Morales)

On Green Dolphin Street ( Gordon Goodwin, Rick Shaw, Oscar Peterson)

Blues to begin with ( Bill Liston)

Time Management ( Kris Berg)

Little Big Gumbo ( Victor Lopez)

Armandos Big Band (Allen Wittig)

Zebrano (Andrew Neu)

Boz ( Jeff Jarvis)

Squiggly (Kris Berg)

Limestreet Blues ( Phillip Braham)

La Suerte De Los Tontos Victor Lopez

Confide in me (Manhattan Transfer)

Easy (Al Jarreau)

Nothing Personal (Cover, Micheal Brecker)

Electric blues old fashioned melody(Hair sound track,Galt MacDermot;Tom Pierson)

Kelsier (Stockton Helbing, arr Kris Berg)

Winter wonderland(Babyface)

My Favorite things (Barry Manilow)

Fuego en el Fuego ( Eros Ramozzzotti)

A Few Good Men ( Gordon Goodwin)

Absolutely Awesome (Lennie Niehaus)

R U Chicken ( Kris Berg Jazz)

Beata Solitudine (Eros Ramozzotti)

Four Brothers ( Manhattan Transfer)

Teach me tonight( Al Jarreau)

The Chicken ( Kris Berg Jazz)

Just in Time( Jule Stein, arr by Roy Phillippe)

Talk is Cheap( Kris Berg)

My Ship(Gershwin)

Till there was you ( bass tribute) Paul Mc Cartney,Meredith Willson

And your bird can sing ( Beatles)

Cresent City Stomp( Dave Brubeck, arr Kris Berg)

Closer to your love ( bass cover) Al Jarreau ( Al Jarreau)

Believe ( Paul Clark)

Take the A train( Duke Ellington)

Stompin on a Riff (David Berger)

Hit the Bricks (Gordon Goodwin)

Hook, Line and Swinger ( Rob Vuono)

No Spring Chicken ( Kris Berg Jazz)

Horn of Puente(Gordon Goodwin, Rick Shaw on Bass)

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing ( arr, Gordon Goodwin)

Narnian Dance ( Kris Berg)

Lulu’s left town ( Mark Taylor)

Christmas is just around the corner ( bass tribute) Barry Manilow

I was made to love her ( Bass tribute) James Jamerson, Stevie Wonder

Ive got my love to keep me warm ( Barry Manilow)

La Almeja Pequena ( Gordon Goodwin)

A Chili Pepper Christmas (arr Doug Beach, George Shutack)

Jingle Bells( Barry Manilow duet with Expose)

Hit the Ground Running( Gordon Goodwin)

Go Rest Ye Merry Gentleman (arr,Gordon Goodwin, Big Phat Band)


(Click here for Christmas tunes)
For more background info on my interest in music, check out this post I wrote last year.

Btw, Winston is no longer allowed in my Music room. Not because I’m trying to keep my practice space as hypoallergenic as possible, but because a carpet covered speaker cabinet makes the perfect scratching post for a cat. He’s torn the crap out of it.