Born again Respiratory Therapist

Following up on a previous post, I’m happy to announce that the state RCP board has accepted my RCP renewal application. I now have a valid license to practice Respiratory Care in the State of California. Yah….I’m legal again!

I have no plans on ever returning to the traditional work force as an RT, but there’s definitely a sense of security and satisfaction, knowing that I could if I wanted to.

I’m also considering sitting for the National Asthma Educator Certification exam later this year or next. I already do quite a bit of asthma educating from the sidelines, and having official recognition of that skill would be nice to have.

Just as with the RCP license, becoming a “certified” asthma educator is something I don’t really need to do, rather, it’s something that I want to do.

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  1. kerri says:

    Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Go Steve!!!!!
    The stethescope picture cracked me up btw. :D Love it!

    And what are you talking about? You could pass that asthma educator exam in a heartbeat. I bet if you started some sort of fundraising page online you could get the 300 bucks easy-peasy. And of course I think you should do it :D.

  2. This is really good news -Well done. I'd be so happy to have you treating me, even if your wheeze was louder than mine. It'd give me the security that you sure do firsthand understand all this lung crap we have to go through!
    Hugs! x

  3. Sara C. says:

    well done. How come it expires in 3 months.

    I totally know what you mean about the sense of security. I often wish I had sat for my boards as an OTA, even though, by the end, I never planned to work in the field…at least, had I sat, I would be employable, if I chose to be.

    I think you should go for asthma educator too, you definitely have the background.

    Love the stethoscope.

    • Stephen says:

      You’re right, I have to renew it again in just 3 months. RCP licenses have to be renewed every 2 years and expire on your Birthday month. When I renewed my license this time around, it was already a year and 9 months into the cycle.

  4. danielle10 says:

    This rocks, way to go! RT is such an awesome profession. Also, very cool to hear you may be going for the asthma educator certification – might come in handy even if you don't do it as a full-time job. I love my asthma educator and still keep in touch with her. You might not have to do a whole bunch of studying for that exam….

  5. rick frea says:

    I thought about getting the official asthma education certification myself. Let me know how it goes. P.S. I love the new layout. If I had any designing skills I'd do something similar on mine.

  6. Kathryn Rahmn says:

    Steve Gaudet!!! I have always loved and admired you. Remember me from evening shift at Kaiser SF? Congratulations on your marathons! I did one and that was enough… now it's 30 minutes a day of walking. You are such an inspiration!
    Kathryn Rahmn

    • OMG I, most certainly do remember. How the heck the are ? It\’s been a like 10 years hasnt it? I kept in contact with our friend Mr Chang until just a couple of years.

      Good to hear you\’re exercising. I\’ll write you privately.

      Good to hear from you.

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