24 Hours in the life of an Asthmatic

kerri vid

Check out Kerri’s vlog post and follow us through a typical day living with asthma. Related Posts:Asthma Phenotypes Guest Post by Kerri 12 month UpdateThe letterBehind that finish line smile Bound for Beantown

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I’m Honored


Just found out that my story is appearing in the RCB’s annual Newsletter…. “Breathing Matters”. I’m always flattered when an organization or a person writes an article about my fitness walking achievements, but this one is special because it comes from the same government agency that regulates Respiratory Care in the State of California where […]

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Healing Walks


Carolyn Scott Kortge’s new book is finally out and guess who’s in one of the chapters? Carolyn contacted me about year ago for this project. She thought I had an interesting story to tell, and that it would fit in nicely with the motivational theme of the book. It’s really cool to finally see the […]

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University of Pittsburgh Newsletter May 2010

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Racewalk Planet Radio Interview

Check out my radio interview with Chris Rael over at Chris is an awesome racewalker and coach. It was a video of Chris racewalking(Dave Mc Governs advanced racewalking clinic in Solana Beach last October. Related Posts:Behind that finish line smileSolana Beach Racewalking ClinicRock&Roll Race ReportHappy to be training again.ClarificationA hyperinflation week

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Posts from the Past

You may or may or may not have noticed, that I haven’t been updating my blog as often as I have in the past. There are several reasons for this, the main one being is that Ive just been preoccupied with training and preparing for this upcoming race. There are however, other times when I […]

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Another write-up

(Click on cover to read article) Related Posts:Plan BSurvive an attack, register for a marathonTraining update Aug 2014Uh-oh… He’s at it again Third time’s a charmBoston—-7 hours 17 minutes and change

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Boston still follows me

I didn’t even know that this was out there until anAmerican Assoc for Respiratory Care, a national organization that thousands of Respiratory Therapists belong to. They also put out a science journal called “Respiratory Care” in which I was featured back in 2008. Click the cover to see the article Related Posts:Survive an attack, register […]

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The goodies just keep coming

This came in the mail today ( I like the part where it says…..and 385 yards) So far, from this one race, I’ ve received: A pre-filled goodie bag full of USEFUL stuff. A pre-race write -up A post race write-up A finisher shirt A Portland tree seedling A Portland Rose A finisher medal A […]

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My fifteen minutes of fame

I don’t wanna toot my own horn BUT ..yours truly is in the current issue of WALK ABOUT magazine. It will also be available online in mid-January. Related Posts:Couldnt find any Related Posts

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Leading the Research