Just when you think youve encountered every side effect that severe asthma can possibly throw at you

It throws a new one at you. This time its “tracheal stenosis”, or more specifically in my case, “posterior glottic stenosis “, which is basically a narrowing of the windpipe near the vocal cords, usually caused by multiple or prolonged intubations . And talk about scary, everything happened so fast. Nothing says you’re gonna need … Read moreJust when you think youve encountered every side effect that severe asthma can possibly throw at you

The Price tag for 2018

Need proof that asthma is an expensive disease? So far this year the medical bills associated with treating my asthma totals $1,362,067.99. And while that’s the most Ive racked up in a single year, on average it still costs about a half million dollars to keep this asthmatic alive, and most of that from taxpayer … Read moreThe Price tag for 2018

Asthma party drugs

You’ll probably have to zoom in on these images, but do any of the drug labels on my IV pole look familiar to you? You may have heard of these drugs before, but you might not beware that they are also used in the critical care treatment of severe asthma exacerbations, what they call status … Read moreAsthma party drugs

Elite Asthma Fighter

Elite Asthma Fighter ( adj.): A “Badassmatic” who in the face of constant and severe exacerbations, is relentless in the fight and refuses to give in. Obviously all asthma flares that are severe enough to warrant treatment in an intensive care unit are bad, but for some of us, even the more potent and potentially … Read moreElite Asthma Fighter

Asthma severity is more than just FEV1

It seems I haven’t done a proper “Breathing Basics” post in almost 8 years. I think this installment might fit under that category. In browsing through some of the posts on various Asthma support groups, personal blogs, or in chatting with people who have asthma or COPD, I often hear someone refer to, or equate … Read moreAsthma severity is more than just FEV1

Watch out Canada

To celebrate reaching my 64th year despite crippling asthma, and to satisfy an itch for getting out there one more time, I’ll soon be wiggling my ass again on a race course…. this time in Canada. My body is too wrecked to attempt another full marathon, so I searched the continent looking for a worthwhile … Read moreWatch out Canada

It’s your turn

  Since you’re reading this post, Im assuming that you’re either living with asthma yourself, or you know someone else who is. If you’ve been to my site before, then you probably know that I blog extensively about my asthma and the impact it’s had on my life.  Ah, but except for a few who … Read moreIt’s your turn

Nice try asthma, but I’m still here.

So on May 23rd, just days after proudly declaring how I had managed to keep my asthma under control and stay out of the hospital for a full 5 months, my good luck streak came crashing down and I ended up back in the hospital sicker than Ive been in a long time . (Below … Read moreNice try asthma, but I’m still here.

The do- another- race verdict is in.

After spending the last several months testing the waters to see how my body and lungs might react to doing another race, the verdict is finally in. Assuming I can work out some nagging foot issues…..I’m going for it! On Oct 14th, with my lung function the lowest its ever been, I hope to attempt … Read moreThe do- another- race verdict is in.

Could the Azithromycin therapy actually be working?

I hate to jinx myself by writing this post, but I haven’t had an exacerbation severe enough to warrant a hospital stay, dare I say since the beginning of this year? Been roughly 4 months and counting since the last big one. May not sound like a long time, but between late 2015 and late … Read moreCould the Azithromycin therapy actually be working?