Racewalking for Science

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As part of the Shortness of breath self-Management research study that I’m involved in over at UCSF, every 3 months I have to go into the lab where they check my PFTs and then have me do a series of physical fitness exercises. Sometimes they have me get on the treadmill and walk uphill until […]


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Felt pretty good for a few days , even racewalked during a research follow up visit ( more about that later), but now I’m starting to slide back . I don’t know if it’s the steroid taper ( I’m still at 40mg) , or if I’m rebounding, or if I starting exercising too soon, but […]

New Reseach study

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Next week I’ll be taking part in yet another clinical research project at UCSF. This time it’s a study about “dyspnea” ( perceived shortness of breath), related to chronic lung disease , and the efficacy of various self -management techniques , including exercise. They want to find out whether it’s better to teach patients these […]

The Yellow zone …in detail.

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On Saturday I was supposed to do a 10 mile walk along the SF waterfront (one that I’ve done countless times before) , but was too short of breath and was only able to complete 7.5 miles. I probably shouldn’t have even attempted the walk in the first place , as I’d been having problems […]

Asthma Update

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OK .. I admit it, I’m getting a little discouraged. Not so much about my ability as an endurance walker, but more so about the way I’ve been feeling when I’m NOT walking. Since the middle of September, I’ve had a tough time climbing out of my yellow zone and I don’t really know why. […]

I’m Normal ………Since when?

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I’m Normal ………Since when? My beta receptor genotype finally came back from Boston. The results: Heterozygous ( Gly/Arg) , a normal genotype. Hello! Did they say Hetero ?? Anyway , all this genetic googly gob simply means that I should have a “normal” response to beta agonist medications. In other words… Albuterol is reacting on […]

They Don’t want me

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Today, I spoke with one of the Bronchial Thermoplasty researchers at the University of Southern California , he was kind enough to explain this new and potentially revolutionary treatment for severe asthma. The theory, is that if you reduce the amount of smooth muscle ( one of the culprits that causes airway narrowing… which in […]

Bronchial Thermoplasty Research Trials Debut in USA

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Bronchial thermoplasty is a novel experimental treatment for severe asthma. A heated catheter is used to reduce the smooth muscle tissue in the airways of the lungs, so there is less airway constriction during an asthma attack. The Asthma Interventional Research 2 (AIR2) study will be conducted at 30 centers worldwide, including the University of […]