Questions for Sally

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Last week after finding out just how damaged my lungs really are, the only thing going through my head was..WHY? All of the assumptions I had made about my asthma throughout the years, suddenly didn’t seem to make sense anymore. I was beginning to wonder if I really ever had asthma at all? Maybe I just […]

Closing the loop on Asthma–Sally Wenzel

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Found this interesting and informative article about Dr Sally Wenzel, and why she decided to get involved in severe asthma research. It gets a little technical in the middle , but well worth the read. The more I hear about this amazing women and all of her contributions to the study of this disease, the […]

SARP podcast

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Interesting article from a 2008 SARP study, titled… “More than a Matter of Degree: Severe Asthma May Be a Different Form of the Disease”. Seems to answer a lot of questions Ive always wondered about. Dr Sorkness does a great job of explaining the basics of asthma as well as the research the SARP is […]