First Xolair Injection

(this is the actual bottle) Finally, after months of delay , I got my first Xolair injection . 150mg slowly infused under the skin. It’s used to treat the allergic component of my asthma. I get one of these shots every month for ..who knows how long. I’m not expecting any miracles, but if this […]

Asthma Update 12-4-2006

Last weeks Pulmonary Functions testcompared to Septembers Pulmonary Functions testI know most of my friends and readers aren’t lung specialists , but all the numbers you see in the far right column should read anywhere from 80- 100 . As you can see ,my numbers are a lot lower than that , and have dropped […]

Asthma Update

OK .. I admit it, I’m getting a little discouraged. Not so much about my ability as an endurance walker, but more so about the way I’ve been feeling when I’m NOT walking. Since the middle of September, I’ve had a tough time climbing out of my yellow zone and I don’t really know why. […]

Cool new Neb

I was turned on to this cool new nebulizer while I was a patient in the hospital last week. I have to say, as a Respiratory Therapist and patient, I really like this thing! Its called the “AeroEclipse” ( from the same company that manufactures the “Aerochamber”) and its a breath actuated nebulizer. It uses […]

Day 2

48 hours out of the joint and the prednisone withdrawal process is in full swing.Instead of starting my day at 6:30 am , it now starts at 3:30 am. This sleepless pattern usually lasts a week or two depending on the steroid dosage at the time of discharge from the hospital. This is the part […]

Just another week in the life of a hardcore asthmatic

I usually don’t post about my hospital experiences because its not a subject I like to re-live. Its an unwanted , terrifying , but necessary part of my life. When it happens , I just try to get through it and then I try to blank it out . Its the only way I know […]

Its been fun ,but I really need to go now

( Ive been here a week…get me outta here!) (Ouch!) Related Posts:Prelude to an asthma flareNo matter how well I take care of myselfDo you know when it’s time to go in?104th trip to the slammer for AsthmaThe Recovery phases of a severe asthma exacerbationOut of commission

They Don’t want me

Today, I spoke with one of the Bronchial Thermoplasty researchers at the University of Southern California , he was kind enough to explain this new and potentially revolutionary treatment for severe asthma. The theory, is that if you reduce the amount of smooth muscle ( one of the culprits that causes airway narrowing… which in […]

Bronchial Thermoplasty Research Trials Debut in USA

Bronchial thermoplasty is a novel experimental treatment for severe asthma. A heated catheter is used to reduce the smooth muscle tissue in the airways of the lungs, so there is less airway constriction during an asthma attack. The Asthma Interventional Research 2 (AIR2) study will be conducted at 30 centers worldwide, including the University of […]

The red zone

Yesterday I was in the green and walked 6 miles. Today I’m tittering on the red and I’m unable to do much of anything . I usually don’t post when I’m in the red zone because even typing is a chore , but I wanted to document just how fast things can change when you […]

Starting from Scratch

When I started this blog 3 months ago, my intention was to focus on the benefits and challenges of fitness walking by someone coping with severe and chronic asthma. I wanted to share my asthma and walking experiences with others who could relate. I didn’t want to dwell or complain too much on how bad […]