In other news

And despite all the medical appointments, I still managed to learn a dozen new tunes. Related Posts:104th trip to the slammer for AsthmaNumber 94….a Bad OneMy 133rd hospitalization for asthma23rd time’s a charmNumber 96 Nice try asthma, but I’m still here.

Lung Art

I thought this was so clever. A few months ago a good friend of mine from Toronto, asked me if I could she use one of the images I had of some mast cells and lung tissue that was collected from my airways during an earlier bronchoscopy. She was going to somehow use them for […]

Mixing pleasure with business

With almost 2 hours to kill in between medical appointments last week over at UCSF, I decided to put that otherwise wasted time to good use and do something Ive always wanted to…. I racewalked the Kezar stadium! That’s right…. I racewalked 5.5 miles around the track, and I did it while wearing jeans and […]

And the Winner is ……

Thanks everyone for making this a fun contest and thank you Microlife for donating the awesome pf meter. I wish I had prizes for everyone. Some of you came very close, but there can be only one winner, and that is (drum roll please)…….Kris of Ontario, Canada. Congrats Kris! Kris came the closest with her […]

Alfie’s Attack

Meet Alfie the fish…. When the publishers of this new childrens book about asthma sent me a copy for my opinions, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to give it a fair review. I mean, an asthmatic fish who saves the live of shark who also has asthma? My background as Respiratory Therapist […]

My first Halloween Contest

The following is a perfect example of what prednisone can to an otherwise intelligent and creative mind…… I was at the town grocery store the other day, where I noticed they were having a contest to see if you could guess the weight of this huge pumpkin they had as part of a Halloween display. […]

Hospital survival Kit, don’t leave home without it.

This is what I call my Hospital survival kit. Always packed and on standby 24/7, my HSK is a small carry bag I keep in my bedroom, that’s filled with everything I might need for a hospital stay. If (or when) I get sick and have to go to the hospital, all I have to […]

My drugs are still in the closet

(Get it?) Actually, I was inspired by Kerri’s messy drug drawer posts, to straighten up my own medicine storage area. ( There’s all kinds of double meanings here) No , this isn’t my medication drawer, it’s my medication ROOM! I have so many boxes of Albuterol/Atrovent nebules.. I could open up a pharmacy ( a […]

Newly discovered horror pictures

Just in time for Halloween! Some newly discovered horror show pictures. Last week while I was clearing out my cell phone, I stumbled upon these eerie photos that my partner Douglas must have taken when I was in the hospital this past June. If you recall, I was intubated for an asthma exacerbation, but had […]

What are the chances

I can’t believe it ! I found the inhaler I lost 2 days ago .(at least I thinks it mine) It was laying in the middle of the side walk, mid-span on the bridge. Looked good as new . But just in case someone decided to use it, I took the medication canister and discarded […]

Just what the Doctor didn’t order

In a typical month I use somewhere around 550 puffs of albuterol via the inhaler. That equals about 18 puffs a day. (Not a huge amount for a hardcore asthmatic .) Anyway, each inhaler holds appx 180 puffs which means I need appx 3 inhalers per month. Well, today I went to the pharmacy to […]

Battle Scars……Electrode Gum

Can anyone out there relate to this? You’ve been home from the hospital for a few days now, and you still can’t get all that electrode gum off your chest? It’s like a black rubber glue that won’t wash off. You have to literally peel or rub it off your skin! Ive been home for […]