2 years, 2 million dollars

Need proof of just how expensive asthma can be? These are my hospital bills for the last two years, coming in at just over 2.1 million and change. 2016 2015 Related Posts:A common cold with not so common asthma104th trip to the slammer for AsthmaThe Recovery phases of a severe asthma exacerbationNumber 96 Number 95My […]

Thankful for the little things.

Little, as in little charges. Like this prescription of Ambien, which cost me whopping 45 cents! I couldn’t believe it. Or how about a 30 day supply of prednisone for 60 cents. I get super low prices for my blood pressure and cholesterol meds as well, all thanks to the medicare prescription plan I started […]

Itemized Hospital Bill for Asthma Exacerbation

Well, the hospital bills have reached new levels of absurdity. I thought my medical bills from a few years back were crazy, but this one takes the cake. I particularity like the $1900 charge for an Advair inhaler ( listed as “FLUTICAS/SALMETER INH 500/50”) on the bill, and $900 for Fluticasone nasal spray( ie Flonase). […]

So,what brings you here?

Over the years Ive built up a pretty loyal following of friends who are interested in what Ive been up to and how I’m doing health wise , but the bulk of visitors to this blog still get here while searching for answers to asthma related questions or topics. The following (in order of popularity) […]

An expensive New Years party

I wasn’t going to post this, but I just couldn’t resist. Here’s the bill for my little New Years week stint at the local pokey. For fun, I threw in one of the 12 pages of itemized charges to give you an idea how much individual things cost. Like for example, the Ventilator charge per […]

It’s getting expensive to stay alive

The bills have been tallied.  During these past 12 months,  I’ve managed to rack-up an astounding $492,338.53 in hospital bills. Add to that, all the outpatient clinic charges, prescription costs and so on, and we’re easily over the half million dollar mark.  That’s pretty scary. Did you know , that a single day in the […]

Check Please !

Here’s the bill for my most recent hospitalization.This brings the total for the year ending June 30th, to $202,402.19 I don’t think I’ll leave a tip. Related Posts:A common cold with not so common asthmaNever trust asthmaNo transplant for me, but that’s OK.2 years, 2 million dollarsThe asthma app is finally here.But you look so […]