In a holding pattern

Update: Race plans are uncertain for the time being. Though I’m doing a little better than a few days ago, I’m apparently not out of the danger zone, as evidenced by the following: This morning I was feeling pretty good and thought I would test the waters by doing a short walk. I walked about […]

The evil candy

(The Prednisone Molecule) Thanks everyone for checking up on me. I’m fine! ( well,… almost) I’ve been out of the hospital for 5 days now, and while I’m finally breathing better again, the party has just begun. Thankfully, I’m already well into my steroid taper ( the worse part) and hope to be off it […]

I’m a drug addict

These are just some of my daily asthma medications and the gadgets I use to get them into my body. One of these drugs ( Xolair), costs $1,000.00 per injection. All this keeps me walking…… Related Posts:New asthma drugs in the PipelineEvolving treatment planCo pay assistance for two expensive asthma medicationsA months supplyAsthma Laundry ListA […]


Wednesday I was discharged from my 84 th incarceration for the crime of asthma. I hadn’t been breathing well for most of last week, and by the time Monday rolled around I just couldn’t tolerate it anymore (even Superman has his limits.) So at 10:30 on Monday night , Douglas convinced me that it was […]

Monthly Xolair update

As you may or may not know, my pulmonologist recently started me on a 12 month trial of Xolair as kind of a” last resort therapy”, to see if it would have any effect on my asthma. Well, today I received my second injection and so far…….so good. It’s probably way too soon to tell […]

First Xolair Injection

(this is the actual bottle) Finally, after months of delay , I got my first Xolair injection . 150mg slowly infused under the skin. It’s used to treat the allergic component of my asthma. I get one of these shots every month for ..who knows how long. I’m not expecting any miracles, but if this […]

Asthma Update 12-4-2006

Last weeks Pulmonary Functions testcompared to Septembers Pulmonary Functions testI know most of my friends and readers aren’t lung specialists , but all the numbers you see in the far right column should read anywhere from 80- 100 . As you can see ,my numbers are a lot lower than that , and have dropped […]

Makes me wonder

I’ve been taking Advair since it came out on the market, and this stack of medical records represents just one ….. of the nine hospital admissions I’ve had in the past 2 years. Today, I read this…….. ” Study Cites Increased Death Risk From Asthma Drugs” Related Posts:A common cold with not so common asthmaNever […]

Cool new Neb

I was turned on to this cool new nebulizer while I was a patient in the hospital last week. I have to say, as a Respiratory Therapist and patient, I really like this thing! Its called the “AeroEclipse” ( from the same company that manufactures the “Aerochamber”) and its a breath actuated nebulizer. It uses […]

Day 2

48 hours out of the joint and the prednisone withdrawal process is in full swing.Instead of starting my day at 6:30 am , it now starts at 3:30 am. This sleepless pattern usually lasts a week or two depending on the steroid dosage at the time of discharge from the hospital. This is the part […]

Just another week in the life of a hardcore asthmatic

I usually don’t post about my hospital experiences because its not a subject I like to re-live. Its an unwanted , terrifying , but necessary part of my life. When it happens , I just try to get through it and then I try to blank it out . Its the only way I know […]

Just what the Doctor didn’t order

In a typical month I use somewhere around 550 puffs of albuterol via the inhaler. That equals about 18 puffs a day. (Not a huge amount for a hardcore asthmatic .) Anyway, each inhaler holds appx 180 puffs which means I need appx 3 inhalers per month. Well, today I went to the pharmacy to […]

It’ll be a Miracle

The past few days my lower back has really been acting up and making it very difficult for me to get any sleep. (You see, one of the side effects of chronic steroid use is Osteoporosis, ie bone deterioration.) On top of that, my legs have been unusually sore and yesterday I somehow tweaked my […]