Yes….I’m Still Alive

Sorry for the silence. This one kinda snuck up on me. I ended up in the slammer very very sick, but am starting to improve. I’ll write more after I get home. (It’s really difficult to type when you have a ton of IVs in your hands and arms). Thanks for the cards,calls and wishes. […]

Qvar trial underway.

As I mentioned a while back, at the recommendation of Dr Wenzel at the University of Pittsburgh, I decided to do a 3 month trial of Qvar brand ( beclomethasone) . I’m hoping that adding Qvar to my treatment regimen will have a positive effect on my breathing by reducing the number of flare-ups I […]

Laying low, but staying busy

Nothing really interesting going on since I got out of the hospital. Though Ive taken a couple of short slow walks, overall Ive been trying to let my lungs heal as much as possible before jumping back into a physical fitness regimen full time. Been spending a lot of this post hospital recovery time doing […]

Number 96

Thanks everyone for all your kind emails while I was in the slammer. The hospital volunteer who brought the messages to my bedside, said he’d never delivered so many messages to one person , and that I must be pretty popular:-) Sorry I couldn’t respond to each one individually, but I read all one of […]

Darn…..and I thought I was unique!

Thought my fellow asthmatics might get a kick out of this. A few days ago I chatting with friend and famous asthma researcher ,backsliding. Related Posts:Im going to Pennsylvania to be studied.A SARP’in we will go……. Bound for BeantownHospital stay #97The SARP experienceOff to the Burgh for the SARP

72 hours of hell.

I always try to write a little something about each and every hospitalization Ive experienced, but this is one Id just as soon forget about. In total , I spent 7 days in the hospital, 6 of them in the Intensive care unit, 3 of those days spent on continuous Bipap with an Albuterol bleed-in […]

Recovering faster than a speeding asthmatic on steroids.

Ive only been out of the hospital for 4 days now , and despite being still quite sick, I’m actually starting to feel more and more normal again (thats a scary thought huh). Though very limited, today I was able to resume my daily walks. I don’t think healthy people realize just how much of […]

Asthma update

No major major complaints for the time being, but as always on the asthma front, there’s some good news and then there’s some not so good news. Here’s the latest: Ive been in my “green” breathing zone pretty much steadily now for the last 6-7 weeks and Ive been off the prednisone for almost 5 […]

I’m Steroid free

. …..Well, not exactly. I’m still getting my fix through steroid inhalers, but as far as the prednisone goes…..I’m totally off it ! ( at least for the time being.) I was on a low dose of it continuously for 14 months, but decided to stop, as it didn’t seem to prevent the more severe […]

A taper of a differnet kind

Funny how many parallels you can draw between the endurance sports and severe asthma exacerbations. Though I never actually walked one until I was 52 years old, in many respects I’ve been training for marathons my whole life. These are some of the thoughts that were running through my head while I was suffocating in […]

The evil candy

(The Prednisone Molecule) Thanks everyone for checking up on me. I’m fine! ( well,… almost) I’ve been out of the hospital for 5 days now, and while I’m finally breathing better again, the party has just begun. Thankfully, I’m already well into my steroid taper ( the worse part) and hope to be off it […]


Wednesday I was discharged from my 84 th incarceration for the crime of asthma. I hadn’t been breathing well for most of last week, and by the time Monday rolled around I just couldn’t tolerate it anymore (even Superman has his limits.) So at 10:30 on Monday night , Douglas convinced me that it was […]

Day 2

48 hours out of the joint and the prednisone withdrawal process is in full swing.Instead of starting my day at 6:30 am , it now starts at 3:30 am. This sleepless pattern usually lasts a week or two depending on the steroid dosage at the time of discharge from the hospital. This is the part […]