Why I walk

One of the UCSF Clinical Research Fellows, ( my favorite one actually ), called me last night as part of my monthly research follow up. After we got done with the question and answers, I mentioned to her that I was thinking of take racewalking lessons. At first I don’t think she understood what I […]

Report card for Feb 25th 2006

Its been two full months since my last asthma hospitalization and almost a full month since my last prednisone taper.( knock on wood) I’ve been doing pretty good on just the nebs and the puffers. This time of year ( Feb- April), Im usually at my healthiest. So over the next few weeks , I […]

Racewalking? I must be crazy

Slow racewalker…… a contradiction in terms? , an oxymoron? Leave it to me to pick up a sport and modify it for my own physical limitations. If I do that, is it still considered racewalking? Who ever heard of a seasoned slow-racewalker? Even if you’re not into it for the competition, this particular walking style […]

I look too Healthy

I get this all the time……… “You look so healthy” “You don’t look like you have a disability” “You can walk farther then I can” “You look amazingly fit for someone with severe asthma” “You make marathon walking look so easy”, and so on, and so on…. I usually take it as a compliment, but […]

Got the Medal !

After 3 and a half long months of complaining to everyone on the planet, the race promoter of the US HALF Marathon in San Francisco, finally made good on his promise to send me ( us) our medals. We earned the symbol of accomplishment just like everyone else who received theirs at the finish line. […]

New aches and pains.

Seems that the quest for improved walking efficiency has brought with it some new aches and pains. Yesterday’s walk included a little more racewalking technique than it usually does. I focused primarily on knee straightening , foot rolling and to a lesser degree, hip rotation. Not surprisingly, today my ankle and lower back are quite […]

Back in the green and back in the groove

Only took me four days to recover from last weekend’s 13 miler AND.. my breathing is back to baseline ! I probably could of got out yesterday but, I didn’t want to push my luck. Today’s jaunt was more of a self-analysis session than a power walk . Im trying to figure out ways to […]

A yellow streak?

I’m back in the yellow! Had to happen to sooner or later I guess. I was on a green streak for quite a few days, so I guess Im overdue. (God forbid I should go an entire month without getting sick.) I just wish this wouldn’t happen 4 days before a scheduled 13 mile walk. […]

Yesterdays Pulmonary Function Tests

This is the actual spirometry results from my appt yesterday. They do these PFT screening tests on me about every 3 months. Over the past 12 months, they worsened only slightly. The good news is that the rate of declined has slowed since I began walking. If the above looks like gibberish to you, it […]

Taking care of Asthma business

About every 8 weeks I have a bunch of asthma business that I need to take care of. I have to get in my “asthma patient mode” and focus on being a good asthma patient. I also like to get into my ” respiratory therapist role”, so that I can sound very knowledgeable about my […]

Are you a hardcore asthmatic ?

Hey, are there any other moderate to severe persistent asthmatics out there? I was thinking it would be interesting to hear from other people who have to take prednisone on a frequent basis. Id like to know if others experience steroid psychosis the way I do. I know from years of working with asthmatics and […]

A crystal ball for walking

I totally missed the mark on today’s walk. Started off feeling great but, 2 miles into it, I could feel myself breath stacking ( the inability to fully exhale before taking the next breath) That, plus my body was really overheating . My shins were killing me and I generally felt like crap. I had […]

Preparation for my daily walk

I wish it was as easy as putting on my walking shoes and heading out the door. For me, its a well -thought out procedure that takes about 30 minutes before I take that first step…on a good day maybe 20 minutes. First thing in the morning I have to make a determination as to […]