Breath perception…out of Wack..

Today will make the 3rd walk since my hospital stint. I was only going to walk 3 miles but , for some reason I kept walking. I did 5.2 miles, the farthest I’ve gone in 3 weeks. was tough.. I was short of breath the entire walk and wheezing up a storm but, I […]

1st post – hospitalization walk……….if you can call it that

Did my first post hospitalization walk today. Boy…….that was a mistake! Right from the git go , things didn’t feel right. I knew I would have a hard time with this walk but didn’t realize just how much. First of all I wouldn’t feel my legs so , proper walking technique went right out the […]

Battle Scars……Electrode Gum

Can anyone out there relate to this? You’ve been home from the hospital for a few days now, and you still can’t get all that electrode gum off your chest? It’s like a black rubber glue that won’t wash off. You have to literally peel or rub it off your skin! Ive been home for […]

Bouncing Back from Hell

Well its Christmas day and I’m down to 30 mg of prednisone. With any luck I’ll be off this stuff within a week. The last 10 mgs are always the toughest to shake.Last week I thought I was finally going to die, today I’m looking forward to doing the Kaiser Marathon ,which is only 6 […]

Starting from Scratch

When I started this blog 3 months ago, my intention was to focus on the benefits and challenges of fitness walking by someone coping with severe and chronic asthma. I wanted to share my asthma and walking experiences with others who could relate. I didn’t want to dwell or complain too much on how bad […]

81st Hospitalization

See….I was right! Just got out of prison last night, after a 5 day stay. This time I avoided any serious complications but, would just as soon have preferred to been put out of my misery with an endotracheal tube rather than endure the nearly 90 hours of monitored suffocation. It takes a lot out […]

Circa 1981

Attending the recent taping of Barry Manilow’s Music& Passion Special in Las Vegas and checking out all the sound production equipment and everything, made me flash back to a time when I was actually doing sound production for a living. In case you didn’t know, from the ages of 22-28 , I worked in the […]

Just when I start to feel normal again……….

Today is the first day that Ive started to experience severe symptoms since I began blogging 2 months ago.. I must have picked up a bug while I was out of town. Having severe asthma symptoms is nothing new for me. I usually go through this crap 6-7 times a year no matter how well […]

Not everyday is a good day

Let me sum up today’s walk….IT SUCKED.. I guess it wasnt really the walk that sucked, Its this tired old body that sucked . I think its a combination of things. First of all, I havent been sleeping well because of my back problems ( thanks to the good ole’ prednisone), then theres the increasing […]

Next event in just 8 weeks

The Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon is just 2 months away . I ‘ll start training for this event in about 2 weeks. Looks like the entire course is inside Golden Gate park. Its a beautiful park but can get very chilly because of all the tree shade. I’ve done 8 mile training walks in that […]

First Walks of the Winter

Unable to do much walking the past few days because of the bad weather. I went from wearing casual shorts to full winter apparel in one week. Wasn’t sure if Id be able to tolerate the colder/windy conditions but, so far so good. Usually its the humidify that effects me the most. Fortunately in San […]

A Racewalking Moment

I love when this happens….. I was doing my usual jaunt over the Al Zampa bridge( this is usually where I practice my racewalking skills) when, for a brief time, things just started to click. For maybe a 100 yards or so , all of the individual racewalking elements that I had been practicing, came […]

28 miles this week

Had a relatively normal walking week with the exception of today’s walk. I was getting way too tight early on in my walk. I hate that feeling ! One of these days I will attempt to describe that “feeling ” So anyways, I had to use the inhaler 4 times throughout the 6 miles. Over […]