Walk kind of walker are you?

Just as runners come in a variety of flavors (joggers, runners, sprinters, hurdlers, marathoners, ultramarathoners, etc.),not all walkers are alike. They also come in an assortment of flavors. ( Marciatori Racewalking Track… Circa 1900 ) (Italy’s Ugo Frigerio wins the 10-kilometer race walk at the 1924 Olympics) By definition, “walking” requires one foot to be […]

eye catching

NB rc152 It’s the end of a shoe era and I’m kinda sad. New Balance finally did away with my beloved rc550’s and I’ve been forced to try out one of their ultra bright neon orange replacement models.Introducing my new NB rc152 racing flats! Tried em out yesterday on my walk in San Francisco, and […]