Steve – 9, Asthma—a big fat ZERO!

This might sound corny, but I feel like Ive just been reborn. On Oct 5th I finished my 9th marathon at the Portland Marathon. If you’ve been reading my updates, this was a scheme I had hatched while hospitalized back in July. I was feeling incredibly down at the time and was curious to see […]

Boston 2011 Race Report

They don’t call it the best marathon in the world for nothing , and this year was no exception. The weather was near perfect and the spectators and volunteers outdid themselves. The moment I entered athletes village and the disabled athletes staging area early Monday morning, my worries and stress about the race just melted […]


It’s weird, but when I look at my marathon photos, it’s almost like I’m looking at a stranger . It’s as though someone else did this race for me and I just went along for the ride. I always seem to look healthier in race pictures than I actually feel. Maybe it has something to […]

Eugene 2007

Warning: this is a very long post Pre-Race I had planned on leaving my house on Friday at 7 am for the 8 hour drive up to Oregon, but as is the norm for me, I was too wired to sleep and ended up leaving at 3 o’clock in the morning. I made it to […]

Life after the big one

Today was my first real walk since the Portland marathon ..I did my usual 5 mile loop across the bridge and the legs handled it better than I thought they would. It felt good to get outside again and walk without the fear of cramps for a change. It felt especially good to get back […]

New training strategy

It’s now three days post-race and the body aches have eased up a lot though, not completely. I hope to get out and do at least, a short walk by this weekend. I’m already planning my strategy for the San Francisco Marathon in late July and I cant wait to get out there and start […]

Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon and 5K

It was a perfect day for a race in San Francisco’s Ocean beach. This was a much bigger event than I thought.( 8,000 runners) Nevertheless, it seemed to be well organized and it started right on time I’m not the best writer but, let me see if I can recap my day at the race. […]

The Morning After

I’d choose a severe alcohol hangover anyday..What can I say…..I feel like I was hit by a train and lived to tell about it. Every joint in my body is aching. Like I had the shit beat out of me by a gang of racewalk hating runners. Why does it take a full day for […]