I feel like I got run over by a truck

Im sure you’ve heard the expression “I feel like I was run over by a truck” to describe the aftermath of a really bad asthma exacerbation or some other aliment. Ive used it several times myself in my blog posts, but this time around Im not using it as an expression, I actually did get […]

Boston 2011 Race Report

They don’t call it the best marathon in the world for nothing , and this year was no exception. The weather was near perfect and the spectators and volunteers outdid themselves. The moment I entered athletes village and the disabled athletes staging area early Monday morning, my worries and stress about the race just melted […]

Disappointed, but still finished faster than last year:-)

I was on well on my way to setting a personal best, when at mile 21, I slipped on some wet paper cups, did a full summer salt, cut my finger open and tore a ligament in my knee. It took me almost 2 hours in excruciating pain to limp the last 5 miles of […]

Training Complete!

Taking a short break during an 18 miler on the Golden Gate bridge to mug for the camera. Rather than rehash what Ive already been documenting on Dailymile for the last 4 months, I’ll just cut to the chase. I’ve successfully completed ALL of my training for my 3rd Boston marathon, BUT I’m not feeling […]

Boston training… off to a rough start

I knew that jumping into a marathon training regime on the heals of a methadone detox wasn’t gonna be easy, and boy was I right. These first few weeks have been really tough and I haven’t even gotten into the longer distances yet. It’s bad enough that Ive had to shorten my training schedule to […]

Behind that finish line smile

Ok, so I look really strong in some of my finish line photos, but believe me.. looks can be very very deceiving. I’m an expert at hiding what I feel inside (I think most asthmatics are, to some degree.) Behind those smiles were waves of excruciating pain shooting down my legs. My breathing was really […]

What is it?

Saturday I did my alternate week 10 mile LSD, and for the 2nd long walk in a row now, I had knee problems. Only this time…it was much worse. I’m assuming it’s ITBS , but having never experienced this type of injury before, I can’t say for sure. All I know is that pain develops […]

Taming one of the Beasts

Out of the last 32 days, maybe 7 of them were good breathing days. This is a bit of a downward trend compared to this time last year. It seems like the ratio of good, to bad breathing days, is narrowing, and that depresses me a little. Oh well….such is life! How does the saying […]

Fellow Bloggers know Best

Thanks, Vickie, Anita , Annette , Lora and Rick ..for caring enough to leave comments on my last post. I want you guys to know that I always take to heart , the advice you offer (though it doesn’t always sink in right away,) What you said this time, makes perfect sense. I don’t know […]

18 down, 8.2 to go

Here are a couple pictures I snapped during my 18 mile training walk, which brought me through the Sea Cliff area of San Francisco. This is one of the toughest training route Ive done, mainly because all the hills. It’s also one of the most beautiful. (A view of The Golden Gate Bridge from the […]

easy does it…………..maybe!

Thanks everyone !! for answering the call. I’ve already implemented most of your suggestions, including; Potassium Gluconate supplements and ” Salt Stick Electrolyte Caps” from Zombie Runners I have a 16 mile walk scheduled for Wednesday and I really do plan on walking this walk….slow. That means NO RACEWALKING!! To quell any temptation, I’ll be […]

Advise Please

Ok, The Portland Marathon is only 8 weeks away and I’m still not sure if my legs will hold out for a 26 mile walk. For the first time in my short walking career, I’m more concerned about the muscle cramps , than I am about my breathing. At least with my lungs, I know […]

Two Afternoons after

OK , now that my endorphin level has finally dropped to normal and there’s nothing in my system to mask the pain, I have to say…My body feels trashed. I feel like I was it by a train. Every muscle in my body hurts– from shoulders to ankles and everything in between. I can only […]