The green shoes are back.

Who hoo…scored! Remember the Asics Hyperspeed II and III’s that I had, but couldn’t make up my mind as to which ones to wear at last years Boston Marathon? Well, as much as I wasn’t too crazy for the lime green color, those Hyperspeed II’s were probably the most comfortable racing flats I’d ever worn. […]

Boston Wardrobe

A few changes and some new additions to my racing apparel for the upcoming marathon. Starting with the shoes… On Dave Mc Govern’s recommendation, I switched to a slightly more supportive shoe. I over-pronate big time and the shoes that I had been wearing for the last year or so, though very comfortable, offered absolutely […]

2010 Boston Swag on the cheap

Remember my Boston marathon jacket from 2009? Well, with the high cost of anything related to the “Boston” . You should see how many people are wearing these jackets at Logan airport, the weekend of the race. It’s kind of a badge of honor. People will walk up to you out of the blue and […]

Your mileage may vary

Well, despite a few minor setbacks, I still managed to end the year with883 miles walked. A drop of almost 400 miles from my best walking year back in 2006, but nonetheless, still impressive when you consider what I have to work with. Overall, my basic walking routine really hasn’t changed that much, I’m still […]

Fancy Smancy Walking Vest

Check out my new walking jacket. I can’t tell you how long Ive searched for a sleeveless jersey or jacket with pockets, that I could wear on cold days or long training walks and races without over-heating. As a marathon walker with major health issues, I also have to carry tons of stuff with me, […]

Take me to your Leader!

…. ” And would it be asking too much, if you could beam me up to your space craft and zap me a new pair of lungs?” In just a few hours, this lung defective humanoid is off to Nevada to not only do the ET marathon, but also to attend a string of 3 […]

Pre-Boston swag

Most of the marathon attire that Ive accumulated over the last 3 years usually ends up in a duffel bag crammed in the corner of my closet , never to be seen again. This jacket is gonna get worn a few days before I retire it. Now if only I can get the post-race bling […]

Its Shoe time!

It’s time once again to decide on a shoe to wear for this years long training walks ,and of course , the race itself. So far, Ive narrowed it down to either the Asics Hyperspeed 2s, or the Loco Banditos . I’ve used the Asics on my 5 milers a few times and they worked […]

Taking Inventory

I currently have 7 pairs of racewalking shoes, 26 pairs of Defeet cycling socks ( my favorite), 8 pairs of running shorts, 35 shirts and singlets , 11 hats, 2 garmin GPSs, and enough gels and recovery drinks to last a lifetime.

eye catching

NB rc152 It’s the end of a shoe era and I’m kinda sad. New Balance finally did away with my beloved rc550’s and I’ve been forced to try out one of their ultra bright neon orange replacement models.Introducing my new NB rc152 racing flats! Tried em out yesterday on my walk in San Francisco, and […]

More Fitness Toys

Finally got a chance to visit with my Mom and sister in San Jose. We had a nice lunch and my Mom gave me a couple of presents that she had been holding since Christmas. (She knows I like electronic gadgets.) She got me this cool little blood pressure device that fits on your wrist […]

Shoes – Before

These are my 550’s brand new out of the box. Related Posts:The green shoes are back.Green or Orange? Your mileage may varyNew Toy– New Shoes– New PicsShoesTiburon Racewalking Clinic