Everyone experiences a little indigestion and bloating from time to time. Did you know that it’s very common for people with chronic lung disease to experience frequent abdominal bloating? What’s not so normal however, is to actually become so distended that it impairs your ability to breath effectively, but that’s what was happening to me. […]

Eating Organic, the first 4 months

Time sure flies when you’re eating well. It’s been 4 and a half months now since we switched to an all organic – low sugar, HFCS -free diet, and all I can say is…. food doesn’t get any better than this! Without exaggeration, this is probably one of the wisest live style changes we’ve ever […]

6 months—Hospital Free!

I hope I’m not jinxing myself by writing this post, but if you’ve been monitoring my little “days out of the hospital” widget, then you know that this week makes 6 months that I’ve been hospital free **YAY!** I wouldn’t break out the campaign bottles just yet, as I still have twice as long to […]

Healing Walks

Carolyn Scott Kortge’s new book is finally out and guess who’s in one of the chapters? Carolyn contacted me about year ago for this project. She thought I had an interesting story to tell, and that it would fit in nicely with the motivational theme of the book. It’s really cool to finally see the […]

Recovering Sugar-holic

As you might recall, about a month ago I switched to an all organic, non-pesticide treated diet. What you might not know, is at about the same time, I also began to reduce my sugar consumption. I’m slowly weaning myself off one of the most additives compounds known to man. Yes me, Mr. Candy man, […]

Organic Dairy Question

You might remember a couple weeks ago I wrote a post about switching to an all Organic diet?    Well, someone left a comment that raised some very interesting ethical questions regarding the treatment of sick organic dairy animals. Because I’m fairly new to the whole organic food thing, I decided to contact one of […]

Going Organic

Here’s a question Ive been asking myself a lot lately (thanks to a most cool brother); When it comes to improving my fitness, why should I go through all the pain and sacrifice of exercising my body hard everyday, if I’m gonna continue to throw toxic chemicals into it? Doesn’t make much sense.. does it? […]