I almost forgot who I am

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I’m so much more than just the quirky little dude with bad lungs. I’m the original badass asthmatic. I made the words “fitness” and “lung disease” sound cool together. Im the first and only person with really severe asthma ever to finish the Boston marathon. Not once…but 3 times. Im also one who doesn’t gets […]

How to run like a severe asthmatic, by Bill Swan

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Saw this blog post by Bill Swan and liked it so much I just had to re-post it here. Bill provides us with a step by step instruction guide on how to run like a severe asthmatic. ( I think the photo says it all, don’t you?) Read more about Bill on his blog at […]

Boston 2011 Race Report

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They don’t call it the best marathon in the world for nothing , and this year was no exception. The weather was near perfect and the spectators and volunteers outdid themselves. The moment I entered athletes village and the disabled athletes staging area early Monday morning, my worries and stress about the race just melted […]

Training Complete!

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Taking a short break during an 18 miler on the Golden Gate bridge to mug for the camera. Rather than rehash what Ive already been documenting on Dailymile for the last 4 months, I’ll just cut to the chase. I’ve successfully completed ALL of my training for my 3rd Boston marathon, BUT I’m not feeling […]

I’m Honored

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Just found out that my story is appearing in the RCB’s annual Newsletter…. “Breathing Matters”. I’m always flattered when an organization or a person writes an article about my fitness walking achievements, but this one is special because it comes from the same government agency that regulates Respiratory Care in the State of California where […]

I’m blessed

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You know what? I might be cursed with crappy lungs, but I sure seem to be blessed with some cool and caring friends. Case in point: After spending a pretty ugly night in the local ER, I woke up the next day to find a bunch of Facebook alerts on my phone. My talented friend […]

Healing Walks

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Carolyn Scott Kortge’s new book is finally out and guess who’s in one of the chapters? Carolyn contacted me about year ago for this project. She thought I had an interesting story to tell, and that it would fit in nicely with the motivational theme of the book. It’s really cool to finally see the […]

Boston to Big Sur

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Francis, for completing the Boston to Big Sur Challenge this past Sunday. These 2 wonderfully nutty people, along with a couple hundred other crazy people, ran BOTH the Boston marathon in Massachusetts AND the Big Sur marathon in California just 6 days apart. Two tough marathons in less than a week on opposite sides of […]

Boston marathon video highlights

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Rather than bore you with a mile-by-mile account of everything that happened during this entire 7 hour-17 minute very fun but challenging, and at times a excruciatingly painful journey, this year I decided only to post what I can consider to be the highlights. The experience was a little overwhelming and with so many pictures […]