24 Hours in the life of an Asthmatic

kerri vid

Check out Kerri’s vlog post and follow us through a typical day living with asthma. Related Posts:Asthma Phenotypes Guest Post by Kerri 12 month UpdateThe letterBehind that finish line smile Bound for Beantown

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Yes, I still walk.

Daily walk

Haven’t trained for or entered any races, or even taken any walks greater than 5 miles in almost 2 years now. However,come rain or shine, crappy breathing or not, I still get out and walk 3 to 4 miles almost every single day. My main motivation for doing so nowadays, is mostly to preserve what […]

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My New Old Passion

curly 1

It’s actually not a new passion, more like the reigniting of an on again, off again love affair Ive had since early childhood. I’m referring of course to the bass guitar, or for that matter any other heavy string instrument. My introduction into the world of making music actually began at the age of 8. […]

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Life after the Blog

Just a quick update on what Ive up too the last couple weeks. Lungs I’ve pretty much fully recovered from that last exacerbation and hospital stint. I think the intubation is what caused me to get so sick in the first place. An endotracheal tube is the perfect conduit for introducing bacteria and viruses deep […]

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Eating Organic, the first 4 months

organic sugar pumpkin 015

Time sure flies when you’re eating well. It’s been 4 and a half months now since we switched to an all organic – low sugar, HFCS -free diet, and all I can say is…. food doesn’t get any better than this! Without exaggeration, this is probably one of the wisest live style changes we’ve ever […]

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Evening walks.

walk 003

Heading out for the evening walk. A while back I wrote about some of the night walks we were doing . Well, my partner Douglas liked those night time walks so much , that about 3 weeks ago we started doing something similar on a nightly basis. No, I’m not trying to turn Douglas into […]

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6 months—Hospital Free!


I hope I’m not jinxing myself by writing this post, but if you’ve been monitoring my little “days out of the hospital” widget, then you know that this week makes 6 months that I’ve been hospital free **YAY!** I wouldn’t break out the campaign bottles just yet, as I still have twice as long to […]

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Recovering Sugar-holic

As you might recall, about a month ago I switched to an all organic, non-pesticide treated diet. What you might not know, is at about the same time, I also began to reduce my sugar consumption. I’m slowly weaning myself off one of the most additives compounds known to man. Yes me, Mr. Candy man, […]

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Why I walk

One of the UCSF Clinical Research Fellows, ( my favorite one actually ), called me last night as part of my monthly research follow up. After we got done with the question and answers, I mentioned to her that I was thinking of take racewalking lessons. At first I don’t think she understood what I […]

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Leading the Research