Asthma Tree

We all have an upside down tree in our chests. The trunk resembles the main bronchus (the windpipe), the branches are the large and small airways, and the bright green leaves are the little air sacs (alveoli) where oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange takes place. These are healthy lungs…. In some forms of COPD, such … Read moreAsthma Tree

Lung Art

I thought this was so clever. A few months ago a good friend of mine from Toronto, asked me if I could she use one of the images I had of some mast cells and lung tissue that was collected from my airways during an earlier bronchoscopy. She was going to somehow use them for … Read moreLung Art

Double Whammy Asthma

I often find it frustrating that here I am, a life long asthmatic, a Respiratory therapist and an asthma educator, yet still unable in normal conversation, to describe what makes my type of asthma so different from others. When asked to define asthma in general, I usually give the spiel about how asthma is an … Read moreDouble Whammy Asthma

There’s a lot going on in our small airways

You’ve probably heard me talk about the “small airways” in our lungs, but you might be surprised on just how small they actually are. Here’s a color enhanced photo of the inner surface of our smallest airways taken with a scanning electron microscope. The hollow cavities you see are the alveoli ,this is where the … Read moreThere’s a lot going on in our small airways