Disappointed, but still finished faster than last year:-)


I was on well on my way to setting a personal best, when at mile 21, I slipped on some wet paper cups, did a full summer salt, cut my finger open and tore a ligament in my knee. It took me almost 2 hours in excruciating pain to limp the last 5 miles of […]

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Dead Last

Got my finishers certificate and the official results book for the 2010 Boston marathon in the mail today. Out of the 23,177 people who started the race, only 22,721 actually finished it. And yours truly has the distinction of being the 22,721st person to cross the finish line. In other words…. I finished the race […]

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Boston marathon video highlights

Rather than bore you with a mile-by-mile account of everything that happened during this entire 7 hour-17 minute very fun but challenging, and at times a excruciatingly painful journey, this year I decided only to post what I can consider to be the highlights. The experience was a little overwhelming and with so many pictures […]

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Race results

Took a while, but I finally got my race results for the San Jose Rock&Roll half….3:08:22 For some reason the results of dozens of people weren’t showing up on the race website. Turns out there was a glitch with active.com when they tried to upload them. Better late than never I suppose. I think there […]

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Mikes Story

If you get a chance, read Facebook page. Related Posts:Mike and Roxlyn “Slacking” off again.2009 Boston marathon trip/race reportBoston 2011 Race ReportTraining Complete! AlinHealing Walks

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2009 Boston marathon trip/race report

And it all ends HERE! I FINISHED THE BOSTON MARATHON ! OK, so I didn’t PR. Actually, I set a new PW ( a personal worst) time of 7:31 . But hey, I made it to the Francis called me up and we hooked up out in front of the Expo center. Francis qualifying time […]

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An ExtraTerrestrial Race Report…..Long

Well, this race definitely ranks up there as one of the strangest, yet one of the funnest Ive ever done. Too bad I was sick as a dog during 90% of it. Oh, my lungs were fine. The elevation didn’t bother me at all, it was the rest of my body that was going haywire. […]

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My first 5K

Some of the cool things about doing a short 5K walk is, # 1. It’s easy to bring your camera along. #2. There’s still some food left at the finish line , and #3. You can still walk the next morning ! I’m afraid I couldn’t put much of a race report together, because in […]

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Slow…….but worth every extra second.

I did it…..Again ! (Two of a kind) (Mile 6) (mile 13) (St Johns Bridge mile 18)You probably wouldn’t know it by looking at my slow finish results, but today, I’m a very …very happy and lucky person . I know this wasn’t my fastest marathon, nor was it my slowest , but it was […]

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SF Marathon 2007

You might not know it by looking at these pictures, but this was not a good race for me. I felt fine at the starting line and was even able to jog a little bit during the first mile, but all the moisture in the air from the dense morning fog really exacerbated my asthma, […]

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On a wing and a prayer

Just got back from Portland and I didn’t want to leave everyone hanging. So, for those of you waiting on the edge of your seats, the answer is YES……….. I finished my first marathon A few more details after I get some sleep. Thanks Related Posts:Marathon weekend 2006 officially begins!Portland Bound?

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Two Afternoons after

OK , now that my endorphin level has finally dropped to normal and there’s nothing in my system to mask the pain, I have to say…My body feels trashed. I feel like I was it by a train. Every muscle in my body hurts– from shoulders to ankles and everything in between. I can only […]

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New training strategy

It’s now three days post-race and the body aches have eased up a lot though, not completely. I hope to get out and do at least, a short walk by this weekend. I’m already planning my strategy for the San Francisco Marathon in late July and I cant wait to get out there and start […]

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