Sleep Study

As I mentioned in a Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea” (“PND”) , also known as , believe it or not…Cardiac Asthma. Wouldn’t that be just swell if I had Cardiac asthma on top of Bronchial asthma? So anyways, tonight they’re doing a Transthoracic Echocardiogram to check my heart valves and to see if my pulmonary hypertension is […]

Post op

As promised, here are two of the lesser gross pictures of yesterdays bone graft surgery. You can see how swollen the gum is around the implant .After scraping out the area, he filled it with synthetic bone and tightened it all up with 12 sutures. As soon as the local anesthetic wore off , it […]

14 mile walk to see the Neurologist

There was a scheduling conflict with my 14 mile LSD, and a follow-up visit I have at the stroke center at UCSF medical center this Wednesday. Since I pride myself on my time management skills, I thought the following remedy would be appropriate……………Incorporate the two! I’ve chosen a scenic 14 mile long slow walk which […]