Asthma and marathon training updates

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It’s generally been a rough couple of months on the asthma front. This disease has been kicking my butt. Seems like I’ve been sick more often than not. A couple weeks ago I started flaring again pretty severely, and, as a result, had to up my prednisone to 50mg for a few days. The prednisone […]

Sleep Study

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As I mentioned in a Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea” (“PND”) , also known as , believe it or not…Cardiac Asthma. Wouldn’t that be just swell if I had Cardiac asthma on top of Bronchial asthma? So anyways, tonight they’re doing a Transthoracic Echocardiogram to check my heart valves and to see if my pulmonary hypertension is […]

That’s a lot of ABGs

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Can you believe I’ve had 118 arterial blood gases radial artery. If that were the case , my wrist would have fallen off by now. Some of those samples actually came from arterial catheters that were placed in my artery during different hospitalizations. I estimate that about 50 of the 118 ABG samples sent to […]

Long week of Medical stuff

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Monday, Visit with Dyspnea specialist Dr.Susan Jansen She spent a generous amount of time with me (almost 2 hours) and I actually learned quite a bit. I was impressed by her knowledge of pulmonary mechanics and the neuro-mechanisms of dyspnea . Because she knew I was an RT by trade, she was able to speak […]

Racewalking for Science

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As part of the Shortness of breath self-Management research study that I’m involved in over at UCSF, every 3 months I have to go into the lab where they check my PFTs and then have me do a series of physical fitness exercises. Sometimes they have me get on the treadmill and walk uphill until […]

14 mile walk to see the Neurologist

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There was a scheduling conflict with my 14 mile LSD, and a follow-up visit I have at the stroke center at UCSF medical center this Wednesday. Since I pride myself on my time management skills, I thought the following remedy would be appropriate……………Incorporate the two! I’ve chosen a scenic 14 mile long slow walk which […]

I’m Normal ………Since when?

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I’m Normal ………Since when? My beta receptor genotype finally came back from Boston. The results: Heterozygous ( Gly/Arg) , a normal genotype. Hello! Did they say Hetero ?? Anyway , all this genetic googly gob simply means that I should have a “normal” response to beta agonist medications. In other words… Albuterol is reacting on […]