Keeping the dust out.

One of the biggest problems of having asthma and living in a 120 year old Victorian house, is trying to keep the dust at bay. It’s not an easy task when you also have 3 indoor cats.. The fur collects everywhere. Now I know what you’re thinking…You’re an asthmatic and you have CATS? While my […]

Sleep Study

As I mentioned in a Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea” (“PND”) , also known as , believe it or not…Cardiac Asthma. Wouldn’t that be just swell if I had Cardiac asthma on top of Bronchial asthma? So anyways, tonight they’re doing a Transthoracic Echocardiogram to check my heart valves and to see if my pulmonary hypertension is […]


This is a picture of me on a ventilator last year during a severe asthma exacerbation ( what they call status asthmaticus). See the little IV bottle inside the blue rectangle with the milky looking stuff inside ? That’s Propofol ! Also known as Diprivan or “Milk of Amnesia” in medical circles, this is the […]

That’s a lot of ABGs

Can you believe I’ve had 118 arterial blood gases radial artery. If that were the case , my wrist would have fallen off by now. Some of those samples actually came from arterial catheters that were placed in my artery during different hospitalizations. I estimate that about 50 of the 118 ABG samples sent to […]

Long week of Medical stuff

Monday, Visit with Dyspnea specialist Dr.Susan Jansen She spent a generous amount of time with me (almost 2 hours) and I actually learned quite a bit. I was impressed by her knowledge of pulmonary mechanics and the neuro-mechanisms of dyspnea . Because she knew I was an RT by trade, she was able to speak […]

Up my nose with a rubber hose.

Does my new nose wire make a fashion statement? Or does it clash with my beautiful blue eyes ? Actually, I was really bummed about having to deal with this thing in my nose and stomach for the next 24 hours. It’s irritating as hell. But then I got to hold Winston… Pets are amazing […]

Asthma Laundry List

Had my bi monthly follow up visit at the UCSF Chest Clinic on Wednesday. This is the latest plan: Asthma Care Plan –We tweaked my current asthma action plan whereby I won’t come into the hospital for treatment unless my peak flows drops below 250 and remains there for more than 24hours. The way it […]

Post op

As promised, here are two of the lesser gross pictures of yesterdays bone graft surgery. You can see how swollen the gum is around the implant .After scraping out the area, he filled it with synthetic bone and tightened it all up with 12 sutures. As soon as the local anesthetic wore off , it […]

Take care of your teeth !!!

Just as my marathon training is getting into full swing again, I’m already forced to take an unexpected break. No, it’s not asthma this time…. it’s my teeth. To give you a little background on my dental woes; about 5 years ago they reconstructed my entire upper mouth by installing synthetic teeth attached to dental […]

Racewalking for Science

As part of the Shortness of breath self-Management research study that I’m involved in over at UCSF, every 3 months I have to go into the lab where they check my PFTs and then have me do a series of physical fitness exercises. Sometimes they have me get on the treadmill and walk uphill until […]

14 mile walk to see the Neurologist

There was a scheduling conflict with my 14 mile LSD, and a follow-up visit I have at the stroke center at UCSF medical center this Wednesday. Since I pride myself on my time management skills, I thought the following remedy would be appropriate……………Incorporate the two! I’ve chosen a scenic 14 mile long slow walk which […]

I’m Normal ………Since when?

I’m Normal ………Since when? My beta receptor genotype finally came back from Boston. The results: Heterozygous ( Gly/Arg) , a normal genotype. Hello! Did they say Hetero ?? Anyway , all this genetic googly gob simply means that I should have a “normal” response to beta agonist medications. In other words… Albuterol is reacting on […]

Making busy

It’s been an emotional roller coaster ride , Thank goodness for some compassionate friends and a walking habit that I can escape into. Wednesday , I have a full 8 hour day of medical appointments including some new allergy testing , some more pulmonary function tests, A nitric oxide test ( that’s a new one […]