Mixing pleasure with business

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With almost 2 hours to kill in between medical appointments last week over at UCSF, I decided to put that otherwise wasted time to good use and do something Ive always wanted to…. I racewalked the Kezar stadium! That’s right…. I racewalked 5.5 miles around the track, and I did it while wearing jeans and […]

Boston training… off to a rough start

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I knew that jumping into a marathon training regime on the heals of a methadone detox wasn’t gonna be easy, and boy was I right. These first few weeks have been really tough and I haven’t even gotten into the longer distances yet. It’s bad enough that Ive had to shorten my training schedule to […]

I still have it !

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Whatever IT is, I must still have it, because today I walked 10 miles. And I couldn’t be happier about IT! I think this tune kinda captures the mood for the day. I’m Alive (by ELO) Now, I’m not going to say it was easy, cuz it wasn’t. In fact, it was one of the […]

13 miles…. but at what price ?

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OK, I’m starting to get a little frustrated. Ive been doing everything by the book in training for the upcoming marathon in March, but it seems that my body has other plans. It was an absolutely gorgeous Saturday morning and a perfect day for walking in San Francisco, but once again, a couple hours after […]

Marathon training starts now

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With my health kinda all over the place and now with the crummy weather , it’s been really tough to set an official start date for the Rome marathon training. Well, on Saturday morning in between storms ,I finally took the plunge and completed my first semi long slow distance training walk of the season. […]