Change of Pace………..(so to speak)

I’m still borderline yellow, feeling a little tighter than usual. I would bet its because of the high pollen counts we’ve been having around here. Ive been dealing with it by taking long acting decongestants and doubling up on albuterol treatments. Knock on wood I wont need to start on prednisone. The weather is just too beautiful to be roided out by prednisone ( roid–a made up word , having to do with the mental side effects that I experience while taking steroids.)

Regardless, today instead of doing the same ol’ boring course in town, I took the 60 minute BART ride over to the city and walked 7.5 miles along San Francisco’s waterfront. Actually, I racewalked (slowly) from AT& T Ballpark to the pier at Aquatic Park and back, dodging tourists the entire distance ( forgot it’s almost summer).

You know what? No matter how crappy I might feel lung wise, the fresh ocean breeze always seems to snap me out of it. If you have to huff & puff….Fisherman’s Wharf is a nice place to do it in.

PS…. Picked up my Golden Access Passport for the National Parks Service…Yippie!

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  1. Brooklyn says:

    If you have to huff & puff….Fishermans Wharf is a nice place to do it in.

    As long as you’re out of there by dark, right?

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