Circa 1981

Attending the recent taping of Barry Manilow’s Music& Passion Special in Las Vegas and checking out all the sound production equipment and everything, made me flash back to a time when I was actually doing sound production for a living. In case you didn’t know, from the ages of 22-28 , I worked in the biz, as they say, behind the scenes. I was an in-house recording engineer for a recording studio in Ft. Lauderdale by day, and a Respiratory Therapist by night.

I also owned by own mobile sound production company. Believe it or not, That’s me …when I was 26 years old. Sound engineering was my real passion for almost 10 years. I worked with Neil Young, Firefall, Cheap Trick, Journey( just to name a few) . Had it not been for the fact that I was constantly sick and needed a reliable income and medical insurance, I would probably still be doing it today.

Those were the good ole days when my asthma,as bad as it was, didn’t stop me from doing what I wanted to do. I do remember though, how the high humidity of south Florida really bothered my lungs. During the 2 years I lived there, I was hospitalized 4 times for severe asthma flares.

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