Think I have it bad? Meet my friend and fellow lung challenged athlete….Mike McBride.

Michael has really bad emphysema and has to be connected to supplemental oxygen 24 hours a day just to stay alive. He actually has a tiny hole in his neck , which allows the oxygen to be delivered directly to his lungs (what they call ” Transtracheal Oxygen ).

Well, despite the bad hand he was dealt in life, Michael competes in marathons and climbs Skyscrapers for fun ! (and for charity). What’s even more amazing, is that he has to to pull a 100lb cart behind him which holds his oxygen tanks. When he does a race he goes through so much oxygen (17 lpm), that he has to have people positioned along the course to help change out all the empty tanks …. A logistical marvel in itself.

Mike at the 2007 Portland Marathon

Mike at the Las Vegas marathon hauling his oxygen tank on his back

On April 20th, 2009, Mike will be the very first person with severe emphysema ever granted a disability slot to compete in the Boston marathon, and I will be the first severe asthmatic to do the same.

Mike’s been a tremendous inspiration for me and many many others, sick or healthy. If it wasn’t for Mike, I don’t think I would have pursued Boston the way I did. When I first applied I didn’t think I stood a chance of getting in. It wasn’t until Mike broke the news about his own success in being accepted, that I suddenly felt a new sense of enthusiasm for what seemed so out of reach before.

Wouldn’t it be something if we pull this off !

PS……Mike did a stair climb today. 54 stories in 28 minutes! Hauling his oxygen and all. Absolutely amazing.

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8 thoughts on “Mike Mc Bride

  1. Hey Steve,
    Thanks for your input on my blog entry.

    [If you found my response under my entry, this is exactly the same, I’m still not 100% on how the comment alerting thing works! I’ve been using livejournal/blogger too long before finally switching to WordPress which is a million times better]

    At the last cold (January) I ditched the cough syrup (guaifenesin) the pharmacist reccommended. It didn’t do anything, (plus it tastes bad!)

    I don’t have a nebulizer, but I’m still using the inhaler, and I sat out of dance today (and will continue to until I get better.)

    I coughed all morning at school, so I decided to ditch the afternoon. Unfortunately, because of appointments and stuff, my absences are starting to rack up (ahh!).

    In reality when I coughed continuously after getting up and my peak flow was at 67% of my best, I should have decided not to go right then and there!


  2. Please have Mike email me! I’m a Segment Producer for the local Boston media and we’ll be covering the Boston Marathon on April 20th.
    Thanks –
    Liz Meagher

    Segment Producer

    WFXT Fox25 Boston

    25 Fox Drive

    Dedham, MA 02027


    781-467-7213 fax

  3. I cant believe this guy does so much activity while using all of this oxygen he should quit this and be careful he needs to be home resting and taking care of himself no one should approve of him doing this because it is dangerous to his health that is my opinion. save oxygen!!!

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