My first Halloween Contest

The following is a perfect example of what prednisone can to an otherwise intelligent and creative mind……

I was at the town grocery store the other day, where I noticed they were having a contest to see if you could guess the weight of this huge pumpkin they had as part of a Halloween display. As I was walking home I thought to myself hmmm… I should have a contest of my own, but rather than pumpkins, I’ll have people try to guess how many empty albuterol/atrovent vials I have laying around. Out of this, the inaugural Breathinstephen Halloween Contest was born.

The rules are simple:
All you have to do is guess how many vials are in the bowl and send it to me via email or comment by Oct 29th.

The person who comes closest to guessing the actual number of vials, will win a brand new digital peak flow/FEV1 meter valued at $75.00, courtesy of the kind folks over at Microlife . The Microlife peak flow meter kit comes complete with batteries, a nice carrying case and a usb cable so you can track your data on your computer. I love this flow meter, because in addition to peak expiratory flow rates, it also measures FEV1, which is a better indicator of lung function.

Only one entry per person please.
I’ll announce the winner on the Friday before Halloween or thereabouts.

*********Check out the photos carefully and give it your best shot*********

**Here’s a hint…The empties in this bowl represent roughly a month and a half of neb treatments for me.**

Good luck!

(PS….Wait till you see what I’m planning to make out of these things when I get enough of them.)

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  1. Christine says:

    I'm going to guess 362

  2. Patrice says:


    Way too many!

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