Out of commission

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Ive been trying my best to tough this one out at home, but I’m starting to get really tired which is not a good thing. If I end up on a ventilator because I waited too long to come in , I’ll really look like an idiot. So, I’m gonna bite the bullet now, and go in for treatment while I still have a chance for a quick recovery. I’ll be at the following prison…UCSF until further notice.

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One thought on “Out of commission

  1. holly hannah!!!!!!!!! so sorry to hear and i was just ready to compare notes with you e me when you can!!!! or have your friend e me and let me know how your doing i'm scared just thought i had found my new best friend!!!! needed to talk to some one and hoped it was you????? my brother died on tuesday thats why i didn't get back too you !!! so i'm tryin to not get sick thank you feel better love ya marsh

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