The red zone

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Yesterday I was in the green and walked 6 miles. Today I’m tittering on the red and I’m unable to do much of anything . I usually don’t post when I’m in the red zone because even typing is a chore , but I wanted to document just how fast things can change when you […]

Introducing the Walking Faster Club

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My racewalking friend, Vickie, came up with a new message board.We’re calling it the “WalkingFasterClub” For more information just click the purple icon and enter your Yahoo ID or sign up directly from the link on my sidebar. Related Posts:Mixing pleasure with businessThe green shoes are back.When the Cows come homeUniversity of Pittsburgh Newsletter May […]

Worse leg cramps ever

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Wow……I’m on a roll. I’m excelling in the stupidity category this week. Seems I’ve been doing one crazy thing after another lately. I had just finished posting about yesterday’s walk from hell , when out of the blue, I developed the worse leg cramps EVER !!! I mean the kind where your whole lower body […]

Racewalking in Carmel by-the-sea

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My plan was to go to Carmel and learn to racewalk, but what I got……was much more!Not only did I actually get to racewalk, but I got the opportunity to spend time with some of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. People just like me ,who have a passion for walking . […]

Why I walk

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One of the UCSF Clinical Research Fellows, ( my favorite one actually ), called me last night as part of my monthly research follow up. After we got done with the question and answers, I mentioned to her that I was thinking of take racewalking lessons. At first I don’t think she understood what I […]