Badassmatic (adj.): Person with severe asthma better defined by badassery. Possesses insatiable desire for growth, change and adventure.

Calling all messed up Lung Bloggers

Where are the rest of the endurance walkers/runners in the bloggosphere? lung diseased or healthy?? Other than a handful of forums for asthmatics or forums for walkers and runners , I cant seem to find much about combination of the two . Am I the only marathon walker/runner who has severe lung disease? I don’t … Read moreCalling all messed up Lung Bloggers

The body weight factor

Finally… after nearly 2 years , Ive fallen out of the “Obese” category. This week I weighed 146 lbs which officially puts my Body Mass Index well within the “Normal” weight category . Its about time ! Seems like it took forever. Its very uncomfortable to be heavy when you have breathing problems . This … Read moreThe body weight factor

Advanced age?

Generally when I go to see my doctors , its the ole same drill. ” “Oh You look so much better than the last time I saw you” or ” How’s your breathing?” or “What have your peak flows been like?” or ” Have you been using your inhalers a lot?…” “Well , just keep … Read moreAdvanced age?

Today’s walk is dedicated to Music & Passion

On any given day walk day, I listen to at least 1.5 hours of non-stop music on my Mp3 player. Helps me get though these sometimes grueling workouts. Today I feel compelled to acknowledge just how much of an impact Barry Manilow’s music has had on my life . Though Ive been a fan since … Read moreToday’s walk is dedicated to Music & Passion

Breath perception…out of Wack..

Today will make the 3rd walk since my hospital stint. I was only going to walk 3 miles but , for some reason I kept walking. I did 5.2 miles, the farthest I’ve gone in 3 weeks. was tough.. I was short of breath the entire walk and wheezing up a storm but, I … Read moreBreath perception…out of Wack..

1st post – hospitalization walk……….if you can call it that

Did my first post hospitalization walk today. Boy…….that was a mistake! Right from the git go , things didn’t feel right. I knew I would have a hard time with this walk but didn’t realize just how much. First of all I wouldn’t feel my legs so , proper walking technique went right out the … Read more1st post – hospitalization walk……….if you can call it that

Battle Scars……Electrode Gum

Can anyone out there relate to this? You’ve been home from the hospital for a few days now, and you still can’t get all that electrode gum off your chest? It’s like a black rubber glue that won’t wash off. You have to literally peel or rub it off your skin! Ive been home for … Read moreBattle Scars……Electrode Gum

Bouncing Back from Hell

Well its Christmas day and I’m down to 30 mg of prednisone. With any luck I’ll be off this stuff within a week. The last 10 mgs are always the toughest to shake.Last week I thought I was finally going to die, today I’m looking forward to doing the Kaiser Marathon ,which is only 6 … Read moreBouncing Back from Hell

Starting from Scratch

When I started this blog 3 months ago, my intention was to focus on the benefits and challenges of fitness walking by someone coping with severe and chronic asthma. I wanted to share my asthma and walking experiences with others who could relate. I didn’t want to dwell or complain too much on how bad … Read moreStarting from Scratch

81st Hospitalization

See….I was right! Just got out of prison last night, after a 5 day stay. This time I avoided any serious complications but, would just as soon have preferred to been put out of my misery with an endotracheal tube rather than endure the nearly 90 hours of monitored suffocation. It takes a lot out … Read more81st Hospitalization