Badassmatic (adj.): Person with severe asthma better defined by badassery. Possesses insatiable desire for growth, change and adventure.

Circa 1981

Attending the recent taping of Barry Manilow’s Music& Passion Special in Las Vegas and checking out all the sound production equipment and everything, made me flash back to a time when I was actually doing sound production for a living. In case you didn’t know, from the ages of 22-28 , I worked in the … Read moreCirca 1981

Just when I start to feel normal again……….

Today is the first day that Ive started to experience severe symptoms since I began blogging 2 months ago.. I must have picked up a bug while I was out of town. Having severe asthma symptoms is nothing new for me. I usually go through this crap 6-7 times a year no matter how well … Read moreJust when I start to feel normal again……….

Viva La Manilow………Me and Mom

I’ve been so sick lately, I almost forgot how magical the Barry Manilow show was. What an experience.. We got to sit through 4 hours of the taping of this PBS special.( due to air in March) An incredible experience I will not soon forget. Produced by the same folks who did Elton Johns recent … Read moreViva La Manilow………Me and Mom

First Walks of the Winter

Unable to do much walking the past few days because of the bad weather. I went from wearing casual shorts to full winter apparel in one week. Wasn’t sure if Id be able to tolerate the colder/windy conditions but, so far so good. Usually its the humidify that effects me the most. Fortunately in San … Read moreFirst Walks of the Winter

A Racewalking Moment

I love when this happens….. I was doing my usual jaunt over the Al Zampa bridge( this is usually where I practice my racewalking skills) when, for a brief time, things just started to click. For maybe a 100 yards or so , all of the individual racewalking elements that I had been practicing, came … Read moreA Racewalking Moment

Walking Expenses

Living on a fixed income, I have to track all of my expenses closely. I just figured out that in the last 6 months ,I spent a total of $1175.97 on walking related stuff . This includes fees for Racing events ( $60-$80 a pop), Clothing (everything made of microfiber costs more) , Shoes( I … Read moreWalking Expenses