The Hunt is on for a spring time Marathon

Does anyone have any recommendations? I’m looking for a 10-20 mile,competitive walk/run event with a relatively flat course in the state of California ,sometime in March or April. ( and cheap too) There are so many smaller events out there, its hard to pick one. Id like to do one more 1/2 marathon sometime in […]

I think a break is in order.

Yesterday, I took my first walk since the race on Sunday. A total of 1.5 miles to and from the local grocery store . It was awful! Wasn’t so much the aches and pains as it was my lungs and my overall energy level. By the time I reached the half way point, I was […]

The Race Results are in…….I beat my old PR by 9 minutes

Check out my race results HERE just enter my Bib# 390. Keep in mind that I WALKED this race !!!!!(I only ran accross the finish line for the photographers) Related Posts:Disappointed, but still finished faster than last year:-)Got the Medal !US Half Marathon 2005 Race ReportWe finished the race , but someone stole the medalsEXPO […]

Slow Recovery

Two days since the race and I’m still sore as hell. Oh well, that’s the price you pay! Oddly enough, I cant wait until the next one. Haven t decided which one yet but, It wont be until March or April of 2006. I need at least a 4 month break. I contacted the USHALF […]

The Morning After

I’d choose a severe alcohol hangover anyday..What can I say…..I feel like I was hit by a train and lived to tell about it. Every joint in my body is aching. Like I had the shit beat out of me by a gang of racewalk hating runners. Why does it take a full day for […]

US Half Marathon 2005 Race Report

I should start off by saying, that despite the anticlimactic ending to the race ( due to the theft of the medals),and the lack of porta-pottys, this event was the best one Ive walked in so far. You couldn’t ask for better weather ( 60 degrees at start time) and you could actually hear the […]

We finished the race , but someone stole the medals

Today my friends and I crossed the finish line at the 2005 US Half Marathon, but we didn’t get our medals because someone stole them! We got to the end of the rainbow and there was no pot of gold… (Actually, there were several hundred people that didn’t receive their medals). Can you believe it? […]


Today I pick up my bib and race packet. They’re holding the Expo at the Hyatt at fisherman’s Wharf. Its kind of a hassle having to go down to the wharf the day before the race but, it also gives me a chance to see how many people have signed up and to scope out […]

It’ll be a Miracle

The past few days my lower back has really been acting up and making it very difficult for me to get any sleep. (You see, one of the side effects of chronic steroid use is Osteoporosis, ie bone deterioration.) On top of that, my legs have been unusually sore and yesterday I somehow tweaked my […]

Time to wind down

With just a few days left until the next marathon, its time to wean off the walking and try to take it easy. EASIER SAID THAN DONE I’ve been training for this event, along with my two walking partners, for nearly 3 months now. I think my leg muscles are in good shape, its my […]

Partners in Crime

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Now that’s, what I’m talkin about!

Finally! after a week of crappy walks, I did a smooth 6 miler without back or lung problems. Stopped mid-way for a 5 minute stretch and still managed to finish in just under 1:20 . Average pace 14:10 Fastest Pace 9:45 Wow..there’s still hope for me. Lets see… what did I do differently today? Well, […]