A little better

Today’s walk was more like an Urgent Care visit than an ER visit. A moderate improvement over yesterdays flop. Didn’t get real short of breath until mile 4 . And after a brief rest I was good again, didn’t even need the inhaler. With less than a week to go until the next race, I’m […]

Walk from Hell

Today’s walk felt like the first 90 minutes of an ER visit . ( if you’re an asthmatic , you know what Im talking about) Maybe its the humidity? Maybe I’m just too sick to be doing this crap.. I start trapping air during the first mile and the rest of the walk is torture. […]

Barry Who?

OK ..I admit it ! Im a guy who likes Barry Manilow… I like his music , I like his Vegas shows, I like his new play..actually, its more like I re-discovered his music and talent. What can I say… I think he’s one of the best Singer/Songwriter/Entertainer/Producers.. ever ! YES .. and I belong […]

The Heads..

I love these Sculptures over near Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco. Related Posts:Mixing pleasure with businessNight walkingA good weekendGOOD LUCK SAN FRANCISCO MARATHONERS!It aint all badEnjoying the downtime

Autumn Lungs

Generally speaking, seasonal changes are tough for asthmatics, probably due to atmospheric changes such as temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. October/November have always been bad months for me as far as breathing goes. For as long as I can remember, Ive been hospitalized every year in the months of October or November. This will be […]

Next Race in 2 weeks!

Only 14 days left until the USHALF marathon. This half marathon walk is going to be a lot tougher than the last one I did at the RUNSFM . There are 3 challenging hills to climb. I can walk on flat surfaces for hours but hills, that’s another story. Even a moderate incline can wipe […]

Walk Week Ending 10/22/2005

Only walked 4 days this week, total miles= 23. Today I did 5.1 miles but the trek was awful. The first 2 miles weren’t that bad but the last 3 were terrible. Overheated and throbbing pain in my shoulders , head and chest . The last mile I had to crawl at a 19 min […]

Golden Gate Bridge Walk

Did my first walk across the Golden Gate bridge . Actually started somewhere in the middle of Crissy Field. Worked my way over to Fort Mason, found some stairs which lead me to a bike path which eventually put me out at the GG bridge gift shop. From there I found my way to the […]

Daily Walking Routine

Now that I have a few miles under my belt, I have a pretty comfortable walking routine that I do on a daily basis, usually in the morning( lungs permitting) My walk consists of a loop around the town of Crockett across the Al Zampa Bridge and back. Appx 50 % of this course is […]

San Francisco Marathon RUNSFM

Lungs..Dont fail me now! Only 100 feet to go… RUNSF Marathon 7/31/2005 This was the first Marathon and the only competitive sports event that I ever participated in. At the age of 50, I crossed the finish line for the 1/2 Marathon at 3:12:49 , I came in 1637th place …lol..but I finished. I made […]

The Pace factor

So much for walking long distances, the real challenge for me, even at short distances, is increasing my pace.. This has been the most frustrating aspect of my training. Not only do I want to walk far, I want to walk fast. I also like to incorporate certain elements of racewalking , which in itself […]