Pre-Boston swag

Most of the marathon attire that Ive accumulated over the last 3 years usually ends up in a duffel bag crammed in the corner of my closet , never to be seen again. This jacket is gonna get worn a few days before I retire it.

Now if only I can get the post-race bling to match! septilin

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6 thoughts on “Pre-Boston swag

  1. Oh, I meant to tell you this, too:
    Yesterday we had some family thing and everybody started talking about “Mandy” by Barry Manilow and I thought about the Barry Manilow section in your blog. Haha.

  2. With regard to your current poor breathing numbers, remember you’ve had worse before and have pulled out. Along with your regimen, don’t forget about the power of hydrating to the fullest. Sometimes I’ll also fast for a couple days to remove the variable of having any food or chemical sensitivities that I’m not aware of, out of the equation. Don’t get anywhere near sick people.

    You can do it. Unfortunately, some things are out of your control.

    You’re aware of the above….I want to enforce/support.

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