In the less than five days I will be attempting another half marathon– my 4th one! There are a couple of things that make this one special;

First of all, I’ve trained my ass off for it, more so than for any of the previous races. Despite all of the yellow and red breathing days I’ve had in the past few months I’ve tried very hard in my training to work on my problem areas, such as proper hydration, more frequent LSDs , more rest days, cross training, etc.

Secondly, this will be the first time that I get to inject some racewalking into an actual race. This strategy could either help me or it could break me, It just depends on how my lungs function on race day. If I fail or don’t set a new PR it wont be because I didn’t practice enough.

Lastly, this event falls on the heals of my very first full marathon training schedule and I’m hoping that it will give me the confidence I need to break the 13.1 mile barrier.

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