I actually had something else prepared for this weeks post, but since there’s a good chance I’ll be heading to the slammer shortly, I thought Id do a quick update on what’s been happening.

If you’ve been watching my sidebar lately you probably noticed that my numbers have been all over the place. Ive been flaring for about a week now. On Thursday I bumped my pred up to 60 mg, and by the time the weekend rolled around I was starting to feel better. Since Sunday night though, and despite being on high dose pred, I’m started to get tight again. For the first time in more than 6 months, I woke up in my red zone. My sats are starting to drop as well and my joints are starting to ache, which is usually an indication that my CO2 is rising. In other words, I’m getting pooped out from breathing.

Not sure of the trigger this time, if any. It could be the season change. September and October have historically been bad months for my lungs. Ive also been really run down lately with a lot of muscle pain and difficulty sleeping, not sure what that’s about.

As luck would have it , my asthma started flaring at a time when I should have been wrapping up my training for my next scheduled race , which is only 2 weeks out. The 11 mile training walk that I did last week, which was supposed to be the longest and the most important training walk for this race, turned out to be a total disaster. Everything went wrong. I got way over heated, had constant GI problems, and my legs and shoulder muscles were throbbing in pain. My shoulder muscles hurt so bad during the last 3 miles, that I seriously considered catching a taxi cab the rest of the way.
I’m gonna give it one more shot later this week if I’m feeling better, but if that walk fails or I’m still sick or hospitalized, I’ll have to withdraw from the race.

In other news, I turned 56 this week( thanks everyone for all the greetings on Facebook), and on Saturday I withdrew from an Italian language class I was taking. It’s an advanced class and I just wasn’t prepared (and wasn’t feeling well). I’ll attempt it again in the winter semester.

Monday morning as I write this post, I’m holding my own, but if my numbers don’t turn around real quick, or if my O2 sats keep dropping, I’m gonna have to take my own advise and get my butt to the hospital. If by chance I do end up in the slammer today, I’ll try to get word out about my status

It sucks to have to write a post like this. Thanks for sticking by me.

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6 thoughts on “Running on empty

  1. hey steve…really sorry things have not picked up for you. Hope the chest settles soon. it seems to be a bad time of year. i ended up in last week with chest but thankfully went in ealry enough i was not in for very long. thinking of you mate x

  2. Sorry to hear you’re not doing well. Hopefully, your lungs decide to behave, and you can keep yourself out of the slammer…but make sure you’re taking care of you.

    Feel better

  3. Hi Steve,

    I saw this post in my google reader and came right to your blog to tell you that you should go in if you're getting this tired from breathing. But I see that you did take your own advice and went in.

    Thinking of you lots man.


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