Well, almost. The study actually lasts for 3 years, but the bulk of the testing can usually be completed in 4 half day visits. After that, it’s annual follow ups and the occasional online questionnaire.

Because I had a separate clinic appointment with Dr Wenzel, and because there has to be a 3 week space between visits number 3 and 4, I did the first 3 visits at the Asthma Institute at the University of Pittsburgh, and the 4th visit at the University of California at UCSF.

Dr Wenzel and her staff at the Asthma Institute were awesome as usual, as were the folks at the Clinical Airway Research Center at UCSF. While visiting UCSF I had the pleasure of meeting and being examined by Dr John Fahy. He’s doing incredibly important work to help people with severe asthma. In fact, all of the Pulmonologists involved in the SARP program are experts in the field of asthma, and many are world renowned for their scientific contributions.

I’m hoping that by volunteering for this study, that my tissue samples and other test results will help advance asthma research and maybe even yield some clues for better treatments in the future. If you’d like to make a difference, check out SARP. Your asthma doesn’t have to be severe, they’re looking for healthy control subjects as well.

Dr Wenzel and her crazy patient
Dr Wenzel and her crazy patient.

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1 thought on “SARP III complete

  1. Hi, Steve. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your website. I think its great and will spend more time checking it pout. I, too, am in SARP and also a private patient of Sally’s. She is THE BEST! Hope you are feeling better and home, soon.
    Patricia from Buffalo, NY

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