What a severe asthma flare looks like

This is what a severe asthma exacerbation looks like .
This is not a portrayal, this is the real thing!

Below you’ll find photos and video clips taken during various hospitalizations from 2007 onward, as well as a clip of an Australian teen suffering a bad attack. Im posting these images to demonstrate to others that not all asthma is created equal. While the vast majority of asthma sufferers have a relatively controllable form of the disease, a small percentage of us have an extremely debilitating variety, which responds very poorly to treatment. Because Ive had this disease since birth, I rarely get hysterical or panicky when I can’t breath. In fact, the harder it becomes to breath, the more withdrawn and stoic I usually become…I think to preserve air. Sometimes the work of breathing becomes so intense that my body starts to shut down and I literally start to suffocate. It’s usually at that point that I end waking up on a ventilator. At least I wake up, some people don’t. Hopefully your asthma will never get this bad.


Various Hospital Photos

In the ER

Adjusting the BIPAP settings( drives the RTs crazy)

Intubated, getting ready to wean off ventilator

Self suction while on ventilator

Getting massive amounts of IV steroids which can cause diabetes

The aftermath. What it’s like AFTER being on a ventilator for 4 days

This next clip was taken from AsthmaUK.org and shows a teenager suffering a pretty severe asthma attack. He reminds me a lot of myself when I was his age. I lived this same exact scenario at least four times a year when I was growing up. Not fun.


23rd  Intubation, 7-2015
23rd Intubation, 7-2015