What a severe asthma flare looks like

This is what a severe asthma exacerbation looks like .
This is not a portrayal, this is the real thing!

Below you’ll find photos and video clips taken during various hospitalizations from 2007 onward, as well as a clip of an Australian teen suffering an acute attack. Im posting these images to make others aware that asthma can be quite severe and even life threatening.

Sometimes the work of breathing during these exacerbations becomes so difficult that I can’t keep up anymore. It’s usually at that point that I end up waking up with a tube shoved down my windpipe. At least I wake up, 4,000 other asthmatics in this country each year are not so lucky. Hopefully your asthma will never get this bad.

44th intubation 10/2018


Various Hospital Photos

In the ER

IN the ICU

Intubated, getting ready to wean off ventilator

Self suction while on ventilator

Getting massive amounts of IV steroids which can cause diabetes

The aftermath. What it’s like AFTER being on a ventilator for 4 days

This next clip was taken from AsthmaUK.org and shows a teenager suffering a pretty severe asthma attack. He reminds me a lot of myself when I was his age. I lived this same exact scenario at least four times a year when I was growing up. Not fun.


23rd  Intubation, 7-2015