12 month Update

It’s almost 2013 and I just realized I really haven’t posted a breathing status update in almost a year. Probably the biggest change that I’m noticing, is that my dyspnea is getting more pronounced and more constant. Where I used get 8 or so “good” breathing hours a day, I’m down now to less than […]

The Exercise Test

Me and my buddy, Frank ( lab director) On Monday I did , what I hope was the last of the “poke and prod Steve” tests for the year. This particular study was designed to see how exercise effects my lung function, specifically my airway resistance ( in lay terms…does exercise cause my breathing passages […]

Paying for it

Let’s see….Do a three hour 13 miler, get sick for three weeks. Do a six hour marathon, get sick for 6 weeks. Do a NINE hour marathon , and don’t get sick at all. What’s going on here? That’s right …It seems every race that I’ve ever done fast ,or PR’d, I’ve paid a hefty […]