Did you bring a note ?

Back in the old days when you got sick and ended up in the hospital, it was probably because your primary care doctor put you there. Boy, have times changed. Nowadays you have one set of doctors who see you in the clinic when you’re doing well, another set of doctors who see you if […]

New asthma action plan

After a record number of admissions to the intensive care unit this year, (5 so far), it was pretty evident that my current asthma action wasn’t working anymore. So, at last weeks pulmonary clinic follow-up visit, we (they) came up with a new asthma action plan that will hopefully reduce that high number of ICU […]

The red zone

Yesterday I was in the green and walked 6 miles. Today I’m tittering on the red and I’m unable to do much of anything . I usually don’t post when I’m in the red zone because even typing is a chore , but I wanted to document just how fast things can change when you […]