Running on empty

I actually had something else prepared for this weeks post, but since there’s a good chance I’ll be heading to the slammer shortly, I thought Id do a quick update on what’s been happening. If you’ve been watching my sidebar lately you probably noticed that my numbers have been all over the place. Ive been […]

Hospital stay #97

Battle scars: 4 failed arterial line attempts and 12 failed IV attempts. I have no veins left and my radial arteries are so scarred up from previous insertions, that it’s virtually impossible to get access unless they put a central line in. Very frustrating for the doctors and very painful for me. I’d been having […]

Number 96

Thanks everyone for all your kind emails while I was in the slammer. The hospital volunteer who brought the messages to my bedside, said he’d never delivered so many messages to one person , and that I must be pretty popular:-) Sorry I couldn’t respond to each one individually, but I read all one of […]

Out of commission

Ive been trying my best to tough this one out at home, but I’m starting to get really tired which is not a good thing. If I end up on a ventilator because I waited too long to come in , I’ll really look like an idiot. So, I’m gonna bite the bullet now, and […]

Brief race update.

Had a great time and a stronger than expected finish at yesterday race. My final race results aren’t in yet due to a technical glitch, but I think I finished in about 3:07 , which is much faster than I anticipated and probably why I’m having problems today. I felt fine immediately after the race, […]

Better luck next time

I thought Las Vegas was fabulous as usual, but apparently my lungs didn’t share the same view, and as a result, I was unable to do the ET race. I’m not sure if it was the desert climate or being exposed to the smokey environment of the Hotels and Casinos, but by Saturday afternoon I […]

Flaring again?

I was going to blog about a nicer topic this evening, but my breathing kinda put a damper on that. Ive been flaring mildly on and off all week, but on Monday afternoon my peak flows took a nose dive. In a matter of minutes my chest got really tight and my peak flows dropped […]

Number 94….a Bad One

…………..As in my 94th hospital admission for asthma. I had been feeling really crumby most of that weekend prior. My dyspnea was increasing and my peak flows were gradually trending downward. By Sunday evening, it was pretty evident that this flare-up was getting worse, not better. I bolused myself with 60mg prednisone and decided I […]

Getting down to the wire..

One week from tomorrow, I’m supposed to be on a plane heading to Italy, but as luck would have it, looks like my lungs might have the final say as to whether that actually happens. As is usually the case when it comes to me and marathons or travel…. it’s gonna get down to the […]

Asthma Purgatory

Whenever the weather is bad, so is my asthma. My lungs are extremely sensitive to humidity in the air and/or the slightest changes in barometric pressure. Changes in the climate, changes in the seasons, you name it…. my lungs will react to it. I’m a walking weather station! Well, it’s been raining on and off […]

Training to get sick?

Seems to be the new theme around here. Do a long training walk……get sick. ( by sick I mean an asthma exacerbation) Thursday I did the second to the last of my really long training walks for the Boston and Rome marathons (18.1 miles to be exact), and now, a day later, I’m having a […]

That was a close call

That last flare up was a bit too close for comfort. With the speed at which my PF’s and sats were dropping, I’m really lucky I didn’t crash and burn. On Monday afternoon I finally turned the corner and now I think I’m out of the danger zone. I have a much better handle on […]

The first few days are the worst

First of all , thank you everyone! for all the nice comments. They mean a lot to me. My apologizes for the self pity thing in the previous post. I guess even us butch super hero types carry a bit of the drama queen gene. I don’t care how many times I go through this, […]