I feel your pain

Feeling like shit right now? Is your asthma, COPD or other breathing disorder flaring up or bothering you more than usual? Were you searching the web for asthma related stuff as a way to cope with your own crappy breathing? Is that how you reached my blog? Well I can tell you that you’re not … Read moreI feel your pain

Cracking the stems off of Primatine mist bottles.

I don’t usually write about my childhood, because frankly, its too painful and because most of it is so outrageous, that a lot of people wouldn’t believe it anyway, but just for kicks I thought Id share one of my favorite stories. To preface this, I have to tell to you that I came from … Read moreCracking the stems off of Primatine mist bottles.

Asthma and marathon training updates

It’s generally been a rough couple of months on the asthma front. This disease has been kicking my butt. Seems like I’ve been sick more often than not. A couple weeks ago I started flaring again pretty severely, and, as a result, had to up my prednisone to 50mg for a few days. The prednisone … Read moreAsthma and marathon training updates

Asthma Laundry List

Had my bi monthly follow up visit at the UCSF Chest Clinic on Wednesday. This is the latest plan: Asthma Care Plan –We tweaked my current asthma action plan whereby I won’t come into the hospital for treatment unless my peak flows drops below 250 and remains there for more than 24hours. The way it … Read moreAsthma Laundry List