And so it begins….Dupilumab

After waiting nearly 17 months with one setback after another and texting a friend saying “I’ll believe it the day the drug is actually inside my body” , well now I can actually say that, because today, Nov 6th 2017, I finally received my first two injections of a new anti IL-4 IL-13 biologic drug […]


3 and half years ago I wrote about the exciting news regarding a game changing drug called Dupilumab. Dr Wenzel and others believed that this drug was going to revolutionize the way certain forms of severe asthma are treated. Well, very soon now I’ll get to try it out myself! This past week I received […]

New asthma drugs in the Pipeline

While doing some research and advocating for myself in hopes of obtaining the anti-IL drug, Dupilumab (on a compassionate use basis), I discovered that there are several other biologics in this new generation of targeted asthma therapy drugs that are in various stages of development. Here’s a list of some of the new biologics coming […]

Evolving treatment plan

Things seems to be changing by the day. As of March 24th 2016, the latest plan is to put me back on Xolair until I can either obtain the biologic drug, Dupilumab, or until lung transplant becomes the only option left to extend my life. Sanofi/Regeneron, the makers of Dupilumab, need to get FDA permission […]

Co pay assistance for two expensive asthma medications

Having a serious and/or chronic disease like asthma, can be stressful enough. And for most people figuring out how you’re going to pay for some of these newer and outrageously expensive drugs, just adds to that stress. Well, here’s some information I put together from my own experiences that I hope someone out there might […]

Prednisone Skin

Just one of the many joys of taking prednisone. I know chronic steroid use can cause paper thin skin ( what we call “crepe paper” skin in the biz), which then makes you more susceptible to spontaneous bruising, but Ive noticed lately that if I brush up against almost any surface, no matter how gently, […]

A months supply

This is what a one month supply of my asthma medications looks like nowadays. Pretty scary eh! Related Posts:Asthma Laundry ListI’m a drug addictA common cold with not so common asthmaAnd so it begins….DupilumabNever trust asthmaNo transplant for me, but that’s OK.

A quarter million puffs

Care for some Albuterol? (Hey… did the primatine mist get in there?) I sometimes jokingly claim that Ive

Asthma Laundry List

Had my bi monthly follow up visit at the UCSF Chest Clinic on Wednesday. This is the latest plan: Asthma Care Plan –We tweaked my current asthma action plan whereby I won’t come into the hospital for treatment unless my peak flows drops below 250 and remains there for more than 24hours. The way it […]

New asthma toy

There’s a small subset of people with severe asthma, who often don’t sense that they’re asthma symptoms are getting worse until it’s to late — I’m one of those people. In an attempt to keep better tabs on my constantly fluctuating peak flows , and to identify what the critical values are for me, the […]

I’m a drug addict

These are just some of my daily asthma medications and the gadgets I use to get them into my body. One of these drugs ( Xolair), costs $1,000.00 per injection. All this keeps me walking…… Related Posts:New asthma drugs in the PipelineEvolving treatment planCo pay assistance for two expensive asthma medicationsA months supplyAsthma Laundry ListA […]