Nebbing Stations

Im sure my neb dependent friends would agree, that with nebulizer treatments being notorious time killers, incorporating some organization and convenience into the mix makes life just a little easier. For me this means neb stations in strategic locations throughout my house and in my vehicles. I even have a stand-by unit just for travel. […]

Nebulizer Stew

Some people put them in the dishwasher, some clean them in sink, some soak them in vinegar, some use ultrasonic cleaning devices……. I just boil mine on the stove. At last count I have about 20 reusable nebulizer sets to go with the 5 portable compressors that I keep in various places around the house […]

6 times a day

I had planned to write a post about my nebulizer treatment routine, but then I thought what the heck… I’ll just video it! The point Im trying to make in the clip, is that the daily nebbing routine for many of us is a lot more time consuming than one would think. Managing asthma, COPD, […]

Medication by the boat load

It’s delivery day for my Albuterol/Atrovent vials. I’ll go though this amount in about 8 weeks They supply 4 nebulizer machines I have throughout the house Related Posts:Multi-taskingNebulizer Stew6 times a dayThe not so glamorous side of being a severely asthmatic marathon walkerA quarter million puffsRespiratory Therapist/Asthmatic/Patient

A good weekend

Had a great weekend, one of the best actually, in quite some time. On Saturday I was breathing so well, that I was able to go a full 12 hours without having to take a neb treatment. I did use my inhaler a couple times, but overall, I think it was the best breathing day […]

The not so glamorous side of being a severely asthmatic marathon walker

Yeah, I made it to Boston , Ive walked the Rome and Portland marathons a couple times, and yeah Ive been written up in lots of walk magazines and medical journals, but I think a lot of people who hear about me or read my blog, assume that because Ive done all these things, that […]

Asthma update

No major major complaints for the time being, but as always on the asthma front, there’s some good news and then there’s some not so good news. Here’s the latest: Ive been in my “green” breathing zone pretty much steadily now for the last 6-7 weeks and Ive been off the prednisone for almost 5 […]

Nebulizer treatment and massage


When you spend as much time behind a nebulizer as I do, you learn to put that time to good use. A back massage, reading a good

Cool new Neb

I was turned on to this cool new nebulizer while I was a patient in the hospital last week. I have to say, as a Respiratory Therapist and patient, I really like this thing! Its called the “AeroEclipse” ( from the same company that manufactures the “Aerochamber”) and its a breath actuated nebulizer. It uses […]