Darn Dyspnea Dilemma

……………….Try saying that 5 times really fast. Before reading this post, you might find it useful to read the first two of paragraphs in the “Rick over at the Respiratory Therapy Cave, does a great job of explaining how asthma can sometimes turn into COPD. *************************** On Thursday I had my first appointment at this […]

The three week cycle

Seven days ago, I had one of my best racewalking days ever. In a single interval , I continuously racewalked the entire center span of the Al Zampa Bridge… about 3/8’s of a mile. During that particular walk , I remember telling myself things like “Just because you’re breathing well , don’t get too cocky”….. […]

A hyperinflation week

That seems to be my theme for this first week of July. These annoying and extremely uncomfortable hyperinflation flare-ups ( air-trapping) seem to come out of the blue and can last well over a week. Nebulized bronchodilators can take the edge off, but they don’t ameliorate the problem completely. I fell into the yellow zone […]