Ive written about this before, but this is such an important an misunderstood topic; one that effects most chronic lungers and causes more suffering than any other respiratory symptom, that Ive decided to write a little bit more about it. Most of the information that Ive been able to find on the internet regarding air-trapping […]

I think I’ll go climb a mountain

How’s this for a view! In just a few weeks , if all goes as planned, I hope to be standing on that very same rock with a half a dozen of my COPD friends. The brainchild of my Boston marathon walking partner Mike Mc Bride, the “COPD Mt Evans Challenge” as he calls it, […]

Treatment plans for the future

Wednesday I have a pulmonary follow up visit at the UCSF chest clinic. What makes this appointment different, other than the fact that I will be breaking in a new Pulmonary fellow, is that we will be discussing some future treatments options, including bronchial Thermoplasty and SARP team, has agreed to take me on as […]

Mike Mc Bride

Think I have it bad? Meet my friend and fellow lung challenged athlete….Mike McBride. Michael has really bad emphysema and has to be connected to supplemental oxygen 24 hours a day just to stay alive. He actually has a tiny hole in his neck , which allows the oxygen to be delivered directly to his […]

I am humbled ……….again

I’d like to introduce you to three remarkable people. My friends, Mike, Roxlyn and John. All have severe emphysema, all need supplemental Oxygen…..All are avid walkers and Mike and Roxyln…… are actual Marathoners!!!! Not only do Mike and Roxyln walk/run races with oxygen cylinders in tow, but they do it at 10,000 feet above sea […]