The do- another- race verdict is in.

After spending the last several months testing the waters to see how my body and lungs might react to doing another race, the verdict is finally in. Assuming I can work out some nagging foot issues…..I’m going for it! On Oct 14th, with my lung function the lowest its ever been, I hope to attempt … Read moreThe do- another- race verdict is in.

Yes, I still walk

Found these in my closet today. Sure brings back a lot of memories, mostly good ones. They were my very first pair of race walking shoes that I purchased 12 years ago while training for my first full marathon. They’re a little beat up and don’t have much tread left on them now, but I … Read moreYes, I still walk

A taper of a differnet kind

Funny how many parallels you can draw between the endurance sports and severe asthma exacerbations. Though I never actually walked one until I was 52 years old, in many respects I’ve been training for marathons my whole life. These are some of the thoughts that were running through my head while I was suffocating in … Read moreA taper of a differnet kind

Let the fun times begin!

…….and the cramps, the blisters , the sunburn, the sore muscles…..all that good stuff. It’s time to dust off the Loco’s ( my LDS shoes), cuz this week I begin mileage building for the Eugene marathon. I’ve only got 4 months to prepare this broken down body for that long-ass walk, so I can’t afford … Read moreLet the fun times begin!

The more I walk, the more I learn

I wrote this blog post 11 years ago, and while I’m no longer able to racewalk or do 6 mile walks everyday, my observations back then were spot on and still hold true today. The more I walk the more I learn, especially about my lungs and how they react to sustained, but controlled physical … Read moreThe more I walk, the more I learn

Cutting back

One of the reasons I started a fitness walking program in the first place, was to loose some of the weight I had gained from the inactivity of being sick and from years of steroid use. The idea was simple… If I could loose a few pounds doing some relatively easy exercise, maybe I’d be … Read moreCutting back

Starting from Scratch

When I started this blog 3 months ago, my intention was to focus on the benefits and challenges of fitness walking by someone coping with severe and chronic asthma. I wanted to share my asthma and walking experiences with others who could relate. I didn’t want to dwell or complain too much on how bad … Read moreStarting from Scratch