I’m Steroid free

. …..Well, not exactly. I’m still getting my fix through steroid inhalers, but as far as the prednisone goes…..I’m totally off it ! ( at least for the time being.) I was on a low dose of it continuously for 14 months, but decided to stop, as it didn’t seem to prevent the more severe […]

The evil candy

(The Prednisone Molecule) Thanks everyone for checking up on me. I’m fine! ( well,… almost) I’ve been out of the hospital for 5 days now, and while I’m finally breathing better again, the party has just begun. Thankfully, I’m already well into my steroid taper ( the worse part) and hope to be off it […]


Wednesday I was discharged from my 84 th incarceration for the crime of asthma. I hadn’t been breathing well for most of last week, and by the time Monday rolled around I just couldn’t tolerate it anymore (even Superman has his limits.) So at 10:30 on Monday night , Douglas convinced me that it was […]